In addition to our brokerage and new-yacht dealer activities, Seattle Yachts continues to be actively involved in developing and building two in-house cruising yacht lines, the Northwest Yachts and Alaskan Yachts brands.

Our new-build team continues to work diligently toward making the all-new Northwest 63 the absolute best cruising motor yacht in her size and class. Progress also continues to be made on designing and engineering the Alaskan Mk II Series which we’ve introduced to carry on the long-established legend of Alaskan-brand trawler yachts.

The Northwest 63 - a pocket luxury megayacht with a trawler pedigree

The Northwest Yachts 63's Hull tooling is fully completed and a hull is scheduled to be infused before the end of this year. At the same time, molds for the main deck and superstructure are being completed and expected to be ready for FRP stack-up and infusion by the time installation of the yacht’s main transverse structural bulkheads are installed.
The key watchwords for the NW-63 development are comfort, usability, reliability. And we’ve been refining the NW-63’s interior general arrangement to maximize usable accommodations and liveaboard comfort.

All of the 63’s accommodations spaces and furniture have been carefully designed to assure they are ergonomically friendly - no baby-bear sofas or junior counters will be found anywhere on the 63. Instead, in the NW-63, you find an upscale, luxury “pocket” megayacht, with a sumptuous full-beam master suite that incorporate large windows both sides for the complete elimination of any vestige of cave-dwelling claustrophobia.

She is being fitted with a large, centrally located pilothouse-level galley up and a specially designed SmartWaiterTM to serve both her PH lounge and her maindeck saloon, as well as her Flybridge lounging area. With a full-size aft-deck table and settee and built-in foredeck seating, the NW-63 will afford her owners an unusually broad selection of areas for relaxing, socializing, and sharing meals.
A significant degree of personalization and customization in 63’s interior design and decoration is possible. Strict design and engineering attention are also being paid to the NW-63’s propulsion, mechanical, and plumbing systems.

For example, rugged, Northwest-proven John Deere marine diesels are being employed for their power and long-established reliability. These are situated in a stand-up midship engine room the equal of those found in much larger vessels. Three main fuel tanks have been co-located in her engine room, close to her longitudinal center of floatation (LCF), where changes in fuel levels will have minimal effect on fore-and-aft running trim. As well, the oversize fuel tanks provide her with ocean-crossing capability at passagemaking speeds.
The thrust of the 63’s large five-bladed propellers will be absorbed and transmitted to her hull via a Seatorque® enclosed shaft system that is flexibly connected to her Twin Disc marine gears. This arrangement enables “soft” mounting her propulsion engines, thereby isolating engine noise and vibration from her hull and other structure.

A Webasto Blue-Cool V-series chiller-type HVAC system with state-of-the-art variable-speed compressors and separately located air handlers has been selected for silent, powerful operation with minimized current draw. The 63’s selected system incorporates independently operable dual chillers for the best performance and highest level of reliability available in the market today - yet another example of Seattle Yachts’ dedication to making the NW-63 the absolute best cruising motor yacht in her size and class.

Our goal is to assure that the Northwest 63 is a yacht for all seasons and reasons, spacious enough for extended liveaboard and alongshore cruising, yet sufficiently compact to be comfortably operated by a couple without need for a professional crew.

The Alaskan 59 Californian - with a unique aft cockpit/owner’s veranda

If you’re looking for something seriously different, you’ll want to check out the Alaskan Mk II 59 Californian. This 59-footer will be fitted with what is known as a “California Cockpit”, but with a twist - the aft lower-deck cockpit of this 59-footer will be directly accessible from the “grand” stern owner’s master suite.

Alaskan Yachts 59 Californian

This arrangement creates a private owner’s “veranda” that will be great for relaxing close to the water while connecting with your surroundings… and reconnecting with your inner calm. Indeed, you’ll even be able to fish from this truly neat aft cockpit.

The addition of the aft cockpit to the Alaskan 59 Californian brings with it several performance enhancements, not the least of which is an extension of the yacht’s running underbody at a negligible cost in added weight. This provides better distribution of hydrodynamic lift when operating at semi-displacement speeds, while the same time giving the 59 Californian a longer LWL for improved performance and fuel economy at slower (passagemaking) speeds.

The central theme of the Alaskan Mk II Series is value engineering - namely, delivering maximum utility and usability per unit cost. Value engineering doesn’t involve stripping out or “cheapening down” the yacht. Rather, it means developing features, making outfitting decisions, and selecting equipment that combine to provide the highest bang for your buck. Which you will find the Alaskan Mk II 59 Californian accomplishes in spades.

In the latest iteration of 59’s design, we’ve increased her beam to 18 feet. This gives her the maindeck area needed for generously wide (18” minimum) walkaround side decks… without diminishing her spacious interior accommodations. And it boosts her interior volume sufficiently to provide the elbow room required to make her rather unique layout completely functional without the petty annoyances experienced in so many other yachts where too much has been crammed into too little space.

In the tradition of Alaskan ocean-going trawler yachts, the 59’s layout is straightforward and functional, although with the right selection of fabrics and soft goods, potentially luxurious and certain to be eminently comfortable. Her raised pilothouse can be physically closed off from the rest of the accommodation for night navigation and watchkeeping. Her maindeck galley is conveniently located to serve the pilothouse dining/lounging nook, the saloon dining table, and the aft deck dining lounge - all without isolating the cook from crew or guests.
Other features too numerous to list in this brief report will contribute to the 59 Californian’s expected leading position in the cruising yacht market - including, for example, her unique skeg-protected twin propellers.

If you’re looking for something special, something personalized and precisely attuned to your specific needs and requirements, call or email us today. We have lots to talk about, including current programs designed to get you into the customized yacht of your dreams at highly competitive, introductory pricing. So, don’t delay.