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Nordic Tugs

Nordic Tugs is one of those popular cruising boats instantly recognized wherever one finds people enjoying the trawler lifestyle. Since they first introduced the 26-footer in 1979, the builder has continuously expanded its model line and in-house capabilities to satisfy demand for its efficient and well-built fleet without sacrificing quality. Today the company is located in an 80,000 sq ft facility in Burlington, Washington, and produces six models from 26 to 54 feet.


Seattle Yachts is proud to be the Nordic Tugs dealer for the Southeast and West Coast of the U.S. With offices in Florida, California, and the Pacific Northwest, our team is uniquely equipped to handle all of your cruising yacht needs. Contact Us today to get started on your Nordic Tugs adventure!


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Quick Facts about Nordic Tugs

  • Nordic Tug Boats were first started in the 1979 by Jerry Husted and Lynn Senour.
  • Nordic Tug Boats are built in Burlington, Washington at their 15,000 square foot shipyard.
  • There are currently 6 Nordic Tug models built today between 26 and 54-feet.
  • Nordic Tug Boats are still in business and continue to build boats as they are ordered.
  • Nordic Tug Boats are extremely seaworthy as their hull shape and construction are designed for cruising.

Nordic Tugs VIDEOS

The company is somewhat unique in that it offers a model for most any boater looking to enjoy quality time in a trawler-style yacht. The adorable Nordic Tug 26 is ideal for those looking for a minimal cruiser. It has all the basic requirements of a genuine, diesel-powered tug yacht. As one’s experience and horizons expand, there is always a slightly larger and more capable model that is easy to step up to, retaining the familiar quality and durability for which Nordic Tugs are well known. These are not boats mass-produced in an assembly line, but well-engineered and hand-crafted yachts steadily updated and refined from one year to the next.

 Nordic Tugs owners tend to be experienced boaters and most come to the brand after owning sailboats or other trawler-style cruising yachts. They recognize and expect the quality and craftsmanship of a high-end product line that has earned a loyal following. And the company continues to improve and upgrade each boat with bow and stern thrusters, gyro stabilization, power generation, and other systems that make for easy and safe boating and docking. With 45 years of continuous production, Nordic Tugs will not disappoint in their performance, comfort, and durability. All Nordic Tugs are NMMA, ABYC, and CE certified. The recent introduction of the new 50-foot Nordic Tug is a prime example of how they improved a previous model, finding significant ways to change and upgrade it to better meet the needs of today’s cruising family.

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