Congratulations to the team at Nimbus Boats for their nomination of the T9 at the 2020 Motor Boat Awards. The Tender 9 (T9) will be competing under the Sportsboats & R.I.B. category against several other top-end brands such as the Beneteau Flyer 8, Chris-Craft 28 Launch, and 6 other similar boats. The Nimbus WTC series has been widely acclaimed for its innovative design, commitment to safety, and high performance standards.

The winner of the Motor Boat Awards in each category will be announced in Dusseldorf on January 21st.

The Motor Boat Awards describe themselves as being committed to judging each model with the boat buyer's best interests at heart. Judges consider the boat's appeal, value, innovations, and any unique details that make it unique. "It's no surprise that the T9 made the list," said Peter Whiting, Managing Partner of Seattle Yachts. "Nimbus isn't the best known boat in the U.S. yet, but it has the pedigree to elite. They've been building Nimbus Boats in Sweden for over 50 years. The materials they use, the construction techniques, the design is all the very best. Every boat is certified by the DNV (Det Norske Veritas) which is the most highly renowned marine certification agency in the world."

Nimbus Tender 9 Cruising

The Nimbus T9 is the second model to be nominated for the prestigious Motor Boat Awards in as many years. Only, the Nimbus W9 won the European Power Boat Of The Year Award in 2019. Can the WTC series continue its winning trend? We'll have to wait until January to find out.

Helm on Nimbus T9 

Marketed as the perfect tender for your luxury motor yacht, the Nimbus T9 is also an exceptionally designed day boat. Owners have the option of purchasing a new T-9 with either inboard or outboard power. Featuring the stepped hull design and a low planing threshold, anyone who gets behind the throttle will appreciate the smooth 25-30 knot cruise and a WOT speed of over 40 knots.

“The T9 is something of a chameleon and can adapt to most situations, for example transportation to and from a holiday home for most of the year, as a tender for a larger boat, for a variety of water sports, fishing, overnight accommodation or onboard social activities with friends and family. The advantage to the fact that at the design stage we were already considering the need for versatility with many areas of use, is that there are a great many options available when equipping the boat, depending on its intended purpose,” says Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director at Nimbus.

seating on the nimbus t9 

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