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Alaskan Yachts

Dreaming of extended cruising or living aboard? Not finding anything that really resonates? Then, try something different for a change...

Seattle Yachts has purchased the Alaskan brand and is currently developing and building a new, contemporary version of this legendary line of long-distance cruising yachts.

The new Alaskan 66 Mk II trawler-style motor yacht blends legendary tradition with the best of contemporary construction and outfitting to deliver… 

  • The same renown seaworthiness and long-range ability for which Alaskan yachts are famous.
  • The added comfort and livability afforded by a contemporary 19’6” beam.
  • Luxury interior accommodations in a variety of optional layouts to tailor your yacht to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Value-engineering from top to bottom, for the absolute maximum in operational utility and longevity at a compelling price.

This time, do something different… call or email Seattle Yachts about a new Alaskan, today!


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If you have an interest in Alaskan Yachts, we also recommend you read our guide to Buying and Owning A Trawler Yacht. It's quite extensive and really offers several tips on the buying process and ownership experience.

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