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Boat Buying Done Right

Fall is approaching and it is boat show time once again. I say once again, but this year is unlike any other show season...

Northern Marine Exhaust Systems Are Better By Design

This article originally appeared on For anyone interested in passage making trawlers, the number of...

Did Wisdom Come To The Ancient Mariner?

Did wisdom come to the ancient mariner? Or am I getting soft? A week ago, I helped move one of our three boats from Annapolis...

What Engines Are In Your Boat?

I am amazed how dialogues come and go from year to year, resurfacing regularly for a variety of reasons. Recently, thatwas...

Millennials Chase The Boating Experience

Everyone I know found new avenues of entertainment this past year as we spent time on our laptops and computers watching...

Spring Commissioning Your Nordic Tug For A Trouble-Free Cruising Season

The following are general guidelines to assist you in getting your Nordic Tug ready for another season of cruising in the...

Maintaining Your Dock Lines

During the off season, it is a good time to really inspect your dock lines. We use them regularly throughout the season,...

Improving The User Experience

I have been looking at RVs this past year, which is the other booming business besides boating right now. They are bothhaving...

A Paradigm Shift in Cruising

When I began sailing, the common belief was that seawater and electricity don’t mix. Every experienced sailor whowrote...

Learning To Handle A New Boat

You bought the boat and are excited to go cruising. Your broker helped closed the deal and managed the process through survey...

The Evolution of the Trawler Yacht

Here I sit in the new Annapolis office of Seattle Yachts, as it quickly comes together, with new carpet, paint, furniture,...

How Important Is Quality When Buying A New Boat?

I am thinking about a new boat. As life changes, so does the mission statement. I have been lucky enough to go cruisingin...

Boat Tools: Part 4

In this last piece of my four-part tool series, I want to share what I have in my bag dedicated to all things electric.These...

Boat Tools: Part 3

To start with Part 1 of our Boat Tools series, please visit: ...

Boat Tools: Part 2

To read Part 1 of our Boat Tools series, please visit:

Boat Tools: How Do You Keep Yours?

About this time every year, I go through a ritual of sorting through my tool bags to organize, remove, or replace tools,...

Consider Buddy Boating

There is continued interest in recreational boating in this country, during these times as a way for people to expand their...

Keeping The Leaks Out

I recently wrote an article that documents Northern Marine’s approach to securing the deck to the hull of its new57-foot...

Announcing Seattle Yachts Transport

As Seattle Yachts International continues to expand locations and the cruising brands it represents, it was only a matter...

A Boater's Three-To-Five Year Plan

It is a common life theme. The kids are grown, parents no longer require care, and the house is too big and full of a lifetime...

The Best Days Of Boat Ownership

Marine industry veteran Phil Friedman recently wrote about his distaste for that saying about the two best days of boatownership...

Spare Parts For Today's Cruising Boat Owners

We wrote many articles on this subject over the last 25 years, but when I look back at them, I realize many things havechanged…...

The Vital Yacht Broker

While it may be true that one can purchase a car or truck online, or search for the ideal home, finding the right cruising...

Preventative Boat Maintenance - Part 2

Before we jump into this, I want to pass on a suggestion from my last article (Preventative Boat Maintenance Part 1) about...

Preventative Boat Maintenance - Part 1

Some onboard equipment is all but invisible when we list what service to do during our annual maintenance. Surprisingly,...

Clearing Up The Confusion Of Prop Nuts

A boatyard walkabout prior to the lockdown reminded me that some things always seem to be done wrong. I see it every spring,...

A Healthy Distraction and Get Your Boat Ready For Spring

Hopefully, you are hunkered down in support of our national agenda to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases across thecountry....

The Wish List. A Couple Reveal Their Requirements For Buying A Yacht.

I’ve conducted many seminars about finding the right boat, or perhaps more accurately, figuring out what one really...

Its Correct Name is A Cutless Bearing

I wrote about this some years ago, so it is not a completely new subject. However, I continue to see people and marine companies...

You Can't Always Rely on Published Performance and Range Numbers

If you are considering buying a new cruising yacht (or one that’s new to you), you’ll likely soon be comparing...

A Trawlerman’s New Year’s Resolution

Can We PLEASE Stop Debating Single vs Twin Engines!?! Over the past 25 years one of the most basic questions from would-be...

The Case For The Semi-Displacement Hull Shape

I look back on many years of exploring the proper yacht, and the ideal passagemaker for cruising under power. Are you planning...

Busting the Myth That Heavier Displacement Sailing Hulls Face More Frictional Resistance

It is a claim that sets my teeth to grinding. “Heavy displacement sailing yachts are slower than light displacement...

Single- Versus Twin-Screw Propulsion

Even for long-distance cruising, twin-engine propulsion packages often make more sense than single-screw installations......

The Slippery Facts of Oil-Change Intervals

Much of the marine industry is a more than a decade behind in its approach to oil-change intervals... For as long as...



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