One of the newest boats to come onto the scene are Ocean Sport Boats from Burlington, Washington. The brainchild of Ron Ming of Islands Marine Center on Lopez Island, the line of fiberglass boats was a natural addition to a company focused on supporting the San Juan cruising community as well as the hundreds of fishermen who enjoy the majestic fishing grounds of the Pacific Northwest. Ocean Sport boats have come to represent a true crossover between serious fishing boats and those well suited for cruising.

Ocean Sport boats are built by the capable and talented crew at Nordic Tugs in Burlington. Using the refined construction and outfitting expertise honed from years of perfecting the immensely popular tug yachts, the company now adds its unique and particular flair to the Ocean Sport line.

(Below: The Nordic Tugs factory.)

nordic tugs factory


The Ocean Sport 30 Roamer may be the perfect boat, as it can be configured to perform many different roles, and propulsion options cover a range of performance requirements. The boat can be built with inboard Volvo diesel engines with stern drives, or outboard power offered with single or dual outboard engines. The performance of the boats can fit the boating needs of the slower, efficient cruiser or full-throttle fishermen seeking to run at speed out to and back from the fishing grounds.

The 30 Roamer has a displacement of 12,500lbs, has a 10’9” beam, and can be ordered with optional levels of finish from Nordic Tugs craftsmen, for a comfortable, stylish, and beautiful interior to fit any cruising plans. Corian counters, elegant engineered wood flooring and yacht quality hardwood cabinetry, are among the many the touches that set Nordic Tugs apart from the sea of white fiberglass.

The open and utilitarian cockpit is wide and roomy for all fishing, crabbing, and other activities, with plenty of space for pots and fishing gear. On outboard-powered boats, the cockpit sole transforms into four large opening hatches that provide enormous storage spaces.

(Below: YouTuber Alfred Montaner reviews the Ocean Sport at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.)



The best way to understand the Ocean Sport line is to think of the boats as the Pacific Northwest interpretation of the classic Maine lobster boats. For generations, lobster boats have been characterized by their ability to handle loads of lobster pots on deck, run at high speeds out to the fishing grounds, work the area at slow speed, and run full speed safely back to port in all conditions. They epitomize seaworthy, nautical, and no nonsense.

So do the Ocean Sport boats readily fit the needs of fishing and other watermen looking to work crab and lobster pots, fish local waters, or run out to the best grounds to catch the big ones. They are also ideal for settling back and enjoying the slower pace of comfortable cruising, low maintenance, easy living, with all-weather seaworthiness. With sleeping accommodations in three separate areas, the weekend or casual cruise ability of the Roamer is every bit as fitting as the many Downeast lookalikes of recent years. But the Ocean Sport is more modern in many ways and looks straight out of the rugged Pacific Northwest where boaters shares their world with bear, eagles, and orcas.

(Below. Outboards or Volvo inboard? Your choice.)

Ocean Sport with outboard power

Ocean Sport boats can be appreciated for their ease of use, low maintenance, enormous storage, and not a stitch of exterior brightwork. The raked windows of the forward pilothouse and the simple and clean lines of the Ocean Sport profile point to a robust and competent sea boat, equally at home at anchor with the family for the weekend. And the Ocean Sport runs well at 30+ knots or cruising along at 8 knots.

The boats can be built with every amenity, from Zipwake trim tabs, air conditioning, diesel heat, joystick controls, gyrostabilizer, yacht interiors, numerous propulsion systems, and all the controls and systems necessary to get away from the masses and explore in safety and style.

If the simplicity and elegance of the lobster boat heritage is appealing, but one that is also tempered from generations of Northwest boating, fishing, and cruising, check out the Ocean Sport at your nearest Seattle Yachts dealer.

Ocean Sport from Nordic Tugs. The lobster boat redefined. The real deal, without the attitude.