Seattle Yachts will be in attendance at the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show from Thursday, April 4th through the 7th at the Craneway Pavilion and Marina Bay Harbor in Richmond, California. Seattle Yachts and partner Oceanic Yachts will be display the all-new Nimbus Boats Commuter 9 (C-9) at the In-Water Display. The C-9 is part of the WTC series from Nimbus Boats that continues to impress everyone at boat shows. The Nimbus Weekender 9 even won the recent 2019 Powerboat of the Year Award.

For more information about seeing the Nimbus C-9 at the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show, please call Peter Whiting at 360-317-7456.

Nimbus Commuter 9:

Nimbus Boats Commuter 9

The idea behind using a boat as a commuter vessel for everyday activities isn't new, but it's gaining popularity as coastal communities like those in Florida or the Pacific Northwest become more crowded and traffic worsens. The new Nimbus C9 is a functional and comfortable boat with the quality and safety that owners expect from the Swedish-brand. Nimbus is known for going above and beyond safety standards to create the best possible vessel on the water. So if your C9 will be transporting your precious cargo from dock-to-dock, rest assured that Nimbus put that little extra into its quality to ensure you'll get there quickly and comfortably. Aimed at the boat buyer seeking a fast commuter boat, but also wants the flexibility to use it beyond just transportation needs, the Commuter 9 delivers wonderfully.

“The C9 is a contemporary commuter vessel designed to make daily life onboard as simple and comfortable as possible, irrespective of whether you are travelling alone or with passengers. We have prioritized freedom of movement over interior volume in order to make it as easy as possible to board, move freely around the vessel and disembark. As a starting point for the design process we sought inspiration and DNA from our Max II Coupé and Paragon Series,” explains Joacim Gustavsson, chief designer at Nimbus Boats Sweden AB. The C9 puts this functionality to the forefront by designing extra-wide gangways for moving about the boat, the greatest possible onboard load capacity, and large sliding doors so that more than one person can enter and exit the boat at one time.

At first glance, the Nimbus C9 simply looks like it is what it does best - a boat to move you and your passengers to destinations with a purpose. Always being practical, the designers at Nimbus also opted to give owners the option of using the C9 recreationally as well. It is a boat, after all. The overnight accommodations on board can sleep three adults and two children in the spacious fore-cabin as well as the salon which converts to a bed. “It is important to us that we are able to meet the needs and wishes communicated to us by our customers, the people who use their boats to get around on a daily basis. This is why we have created a modern commuter, for those who travel in typical Nordic weather throughout the year. However, it would be remiss not to point out that this remains a leisure craft and should not be compared with models built for professional boat categories,” says Jonas Göthberg, commercial director at Nimbus.

The Nimbus Commuter 9 can reach speeds of over 40 knots, giving you the ability to get to your destination quickly. There are two engine options whether you prefer inboard or outboard power. Contact your Seattle Yachts Sales Professional today to get more information on the new Nimbus C9.

Features on the Nimbus Commuter 9:

  • Newly designed air-lubricated stepped hull improves sea handling
  • Choose between a Mercury Verado 250, 300, or 350hp outboard or a Volvo Penta V8 300 or 350 CE
  • Includes a head in separate cabin
  • Zipwake dynamic trim-control system
  • Bow thruster for ultimate handling
  • Option: Change out the glass roof for an electronically opening canvas canopy
  • Includes a shower on the aft deck