We frequently post about the importance of regularly checking things on your boat, and I try to be as specific as possible as to potential issues. Springtime is the ideal time to check your gear and what is behind what you see on the surface. They may not be obvious.

In the recent article, Beyond Spring Rituals, I mentioned the importance of checking steering systems and an engine’s exhaust elbows as prime examples of things easily overlooked. Unfortunately, when they do fail it will usually be at the most inappropriate time.

Steve Wallace of Zimmerman Marine sent us this photo as a prime example of what can be hiding on your boat without any sign or warning of a potential problem. It is only a short distance away from an impending failure, perhaps even losing one’s rig.

It is such a great example of what we are talking about that I just had to share it with you.

If you have a sailboat with furling headsails, this is especially for you…

Safe Sailing!


Photo Courtesy of Zimmerman Marine

Schaefer headsail furler drum

“This Schaefer headsail furler drum was raised for inspection/service and this is what was happening—shrouded from view.

“Another local yard forgot to pin the turnbuckle with cotter pins and the rotational forces of the furling system unscrewed it to this point. This owner was just a few sails away from losing the forestay, and potentially the whole rig.

“We caught this one just in time!” —Steve Wallace, Zimmerman Marine