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Regency Yachts

It was back in 2005 when yacht designer Howard Apollonio designed a motor yacht that had all of the features of a much larger yacht, elegantly spaced into 65-feet, and was dubbed a ‘mini mega-yacht’. During the 2008 financial crisis, this concept was put on hold by New Ocean Yachts, the Taiwanese builder that is responsible for the new Regency Yachts today. In 2014, New Ocean and partners resurrected the design and tooling to create what is now known today as the Regency P65 along with the capability to build yachts from 60 to 96 feet. Regency Yachts are known for being slightly wider and a bit heavier than yachts in their class, which improves the seaworthiness and comfortability on extended voyages. From inception to completion, every detail of every Regency Yacht built is thoroughly considered down to the smallest component, resulting in an excellent standard of quality that owners will appreciate. Contact your Seattle Yachts Sales Professional today to begin the discussion of building your own customized Regency Yacht.


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Quick Facts about Regency Yachts

  • Regency Yachts are built by the Taiwanese shipyard that also builds Endurance and Hampton Yachts.
  • The Regency P65 is the only model currently offered.
  • Regency Yachts are designed for comfortable, long-distance cruising.

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