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Recent Cruising Tips

Hiring A Yacht Captain

When you want more than Captain Ron....   During the course of your boating life, there will be times when engaging...

The Ultimate Trawler Boat Buying Guide

I have been writing about trawlers and powerboat cruising for many years. It is both an obsession and a fascination forme,...

Running A Small Ship

I am always fascinated when big, full displacement expedition yachts come into an anchorage from time at sea. They typically...

Heading Out For The Summer

It is that time of year when boat owners, with planned summer cruises on the family cruiser, cast off their lines and head...

Trading Spaces: Moving From One Boat To A New One

I enjoyed looking at photos that one of the Seattle Yachts’ brokers posted of his clients removing personal stufffrom...

Cruise The Philippines!

Experienced boat owners will spend months researching and touring possible candidates for their next boat. Ultimately, many...

What's The Best Way To Dock Your Boat?

The Seattle and Miami shows may be over, and Palm Beach is still on the horizon, but it is a good time to think about the...

The Cruiser's Other Dinghy

Back in the day, and I mean back in the 1970s and 1980s, the cruising scene was relaxed and typical Margaritaville, whether...

It's All About Balance While Living Aboard A Boat

My recent article on what is the right size sailboat to live on got me thinking. There are some other aspects of livingon...

Prepare Yourself for Offshore Cruising

I’ve been thinking how we’ve written recently about preparing one’s boat for extended offshore cruising...

What Is The Best Size Sailboat To Live On?

Most sailors I know have wondered what it would be like to live on a sailboat. Like the tiny home craze of a few years ago,...

How Big Of A Boat Do You Need To Sail Around The World?

This is a popular question in boating circles, especially for new sailors dreaming of heading over the horizon. Lackingexperience,...

Catching Up With White Pearl

You may recall I covered one couple’s provisioning their yacht for extended cruising in the Bahamas and Caribbeanback...

The Bucket: A True Story

We first published this story years ago, and it is still one of my all-time favorites. Sadly, Myles Anderberg passed away...

Do You Keep A Logbook While Cruising?

A sampling of comments from some of my cruising friends: I have always wanted a leather-bound, dog-eared worn out logbook...

Essential Supplies For Extended Cruising

I recently did a piece to address the frequently asked questions about expedition yachts. One of the questions concerned...

How Much Do You Spend On A Boat?

We just finished two weeks of boat shows in Annapolis, and now it is Fort Lauderdale. Seattle is on the horizon. It is the...

The Exhausting Need to Keep Up

I look forward to the boat shows, and all the new products. And after missing last year, I expect most companies will showcase...

Going World Cruising? Not So Fast.

Let me say at the outset that today most American cruisers do not actively plan a circumnavigation of the world. Despite...

The Dawn Of The Paperless Helm

It was inevitable. In fact, I am surprised it took this long. It is 2021, after all, and while we’re not buzzing around...

I Am Going Cruising. Should I Carry A Gun?

As a follow up to my last article about security while cruising, I want to address the question that started this conversation....

A Matter Of Staying Safe While Boating

This is a subject that comes up with every new group of cruisers. How do I stay safe when we go cruising? And the inevitable...

Consider Buddy Boating

There is continued interest in recreational boating in this country, during these times as a way for people to expand their...

Are You Going South on the ICW in 2020?

With most boat shows cancelled, except for the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show in late October, there are safety concerns...

A Fall Like No Other

We had a lovely Labor Day weekend in Annapolis. The weather was marvelous, the temperatures finally cooled, and watching...

A Boater's Three-To-Five Year Plan

It is a common life theme. The kids are grown, parents no longer require care, and the house is too big and full of a lifetime...

Isolation Is Making Us Better Cruisers

I am now in my 8th week of self-isolation and quarantine, and rather than climbing the walls at home, we have settled into...

Lockdown In Paradise

By now, most of the world is closed for the duration of this pandemic. As restrictions tighten, the general guidelines are...

What Is The Best Cruising Boat For You?

There are many reasons people decide to go cruising. It is a wonderful lifestyle for those who like to travel, meet like-minded...

What Kind Of Cruiser Are You?

According to the dictionary, cruising is the lifestyle of living on a boat while traveling from place to place. Beyond that...

Notes About Cruising The South Pacific

I enjoyed researching the recent articles on provisioning for extended cruising. It brought me up to date with the realities...

Provisioning Your Yacht For Extended Cruising - Alaskan Edition

Being on a self-sufficient cruise, sail or power, takes on different dimensions depending on the cruising ground. As I just...

Provisioning Your Yacht For Extended Cruising - Bahamas & Caribbean Edition

One of the most important activities getting your boat ready to spend a winter in the Islands is provisioning. Unlike cruising...


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