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The original SeaPiper design called for a competent cruising trawler. It would have above average range with an easily driven hard chine hull. The trawler would have a large midship cockpit to allow crew to venture outside when under way and serve as a fine social and utility space at anchor. 

Additional requirements included simple, high quality mechanical systems, with good access for maintenance. The design would have a low center of gravity, shallow draft, and simple yet comfortable accommodations.

When the first SeaPiper launched, it embodied the above requirements, as well as the benefits of being easily trailered without special permits. One could imagine cruising the Pacific Northwest or New England during the summer, then spending winter of the same year in the Bahamas. It is a dream within reach on a SeaPiper.


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Quick Facts about SeaPiper

  • SeaPiper Boats are considered a pocket trawler boat that can be transported on a trailer.
  • The SeaPiper factory is located in Anacortes, Washington.
  • In 2023, SeaPiper Boats was acquired by MMG, a division of Seattle Yachts.
  • There is only one model built by SeaPiper - the 37.


Now built in Anacortes, Washington, the boat has been further refined. The builder extended the swim platform to improve the safety and utility of stern access. This extension also provides additional recreational space for fishing, SCUBA, and more. Following ABYC measurement guidelines, the extended swim platform now brings the SeaPiper to 37 feet LOA, so the model designation has been adjusted accordingly. 

The SeaPiper 37 fits the design ideas of Robert Beebe, recognized originator of long-range voyaging under power. Beebe was keen to have a safe, well-protected cockpit that allowed crew to step outside during their watch to scan the world around the horizon, while staying safely inside the boat.

A midship cockpit is also a key feature of the offshore fishing trawlers of the North Sea and Shetland Islands. These rugged fishing boats have sheltered cockpits that are protected behind bow structures. Crew members work offshore in relative safety, shielded by high bulwarks.

With port and starboard side doors in the cockpit, access to and from marina bulkheads and dinghies is particularly easy and safe, especially with pets or when transporting SCUBA and other gear. At anchor it is not hard to imagine the social aspects of a table and chairs set up in the cockpit, perhaps with an awning, that take advantage of the breeze coming over the bow, something aft cockpit trawlers do not enjoy.

The value of well-designed systems with good access is highly regarded by experienced trawler owners. Having switchable fuel filters installed in an easily reached location, for example, ensures that all fuel-related issues are minimized.

The SeaPiper 37 achieves long range performance with a single, efficient diesel engine with sufficient fuel tankage. The Beta Marine 85hp diesel engine is fitted to a 22-inch, four-blade prop on a shaft set almost level to the waterline, allowing for an efficient 8-knot cruise speed.

Bow and stern thrusters make light work of close quarter maneuvering.

The SeaPiper is also an ideal candidate for the optional SeaKeeper gyro stabilizer. This system settles the motion, especially important with a narrow hull.

The SeaPiper 37 is a wonderful choice for those who want to get the most cruising enjoyment by choosing to simplify instead of increasing boat size and adding complex equipment that demand ongoing attention and repair. Many of the world’s most successful cruisers choose basic yachts with simple systems. They are rewarded by arriving in paradise without a long list of repair projects. Cruising on a SeaPiper 37 will be less demanding, more versatile, less expensive, and more enjoyable.

Let one of our experienced Seattle Yachts brokers help work through your requirements and see if the SeaPiper 37 should be at the top of your short list.  

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