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Legacy Yachts, now partnered with well-known sailboat manufacturer Tartan Yachts, first began back in the early 1990’s by builder Freedom Yachts. The first Legacy Yachts were well-built, downeast style boats that offered a traditional look with excellent performance, handling, and fuel efficiency. Joining the Tartan Yacht factory gave Legacy many new advantages and has resulted in a new line of yachts for the brand that offer even better gains in fuel economy and a stronger hull. Tartan combined high-tech composites and advanced composite lamination technology to re-invent Legacy Yachts so that every hull and deck has uncompromised strength for rough water conditions. The dedication by the team at the factory to hand craft every interior shows the commitment to always delivering a unique experience with every build that can be customized to the owner’s preference.

What makes Legacy Yachts different from other Downeast-style boats?


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Quick Facts about Legacy Yachts

  • Legacy Yachts are owned by Tartan Yachts.
  • Legacy Yachts were first started by Freedom Yachts in Rhode Island.
  • Today, Legacy Yachts are built at the Tartan shipyard in Ohio.
  • The Legacy 12 is the newest model being built today.

Tartan’s Legacy Yachts continue today to develop and refine the most advanced yacht building techniques with the finest materials and technology possible. The result is a hull that is among the most durable and stable in the boating industry today. Legacy’s hulls are built with unidirectional E-glass, a synthetic structural foam coring, and an epoxy modified vinylester resin resulting in superior strength. The use of vinylester resin instead of polyester resin does raise the cost of the construction process, but the end result is a much stiffer hull with osmotic resistance not seen in boats that use polyester. In addition, vinylester resin does not continue to cure after being exposed to sunlight which can shrink the resin volumetrically creating a core print-through that can be seen with the naked eye.

Every Legacy Yacht deck is built to last and goes through a customized vacuum infusion process that creates the perfect resin-to-glass ratio. Legacy decks become stronger and easier to maintain in the process. Typical deck construction in other yacht brands involves a very labor intensive process of hand-laying which can become problematic if the builder is inexperienced. Additionally, air can become entrapped in the deck causing structural issues further into ownership. With a vacuum-bagged resin-infused deck and hull, the possibility of water entry or water migration through the core becomes impossible.

While there is much to say about the superior performance of a Legacy Yacht, it’s the stunning interior design and luxurious appointments that should be noticed first. The Legacy factory goes to great lengths to use only the finest materials inside each yacht including real cherry wood doors, teak flooring, and custom-made furniture and cabinetry. Even the wood is bent in-house for beautiful curves that accent interior design. There are no fake or man-made products on a Legacy Yacht, only high-quality natural woods with custom installation. Contact your Seattle Yacht Sales Professional today to schedule your tour of the Legacy Yacht Model of your choice.

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