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Designed and built in France by the Catana Group, Bali Catamarans are setting the standard when it comes to comfortable, safe, innovative catamarans. Created with maximum on-board living space both inside and out, Bali Cats offer a level of self-sufficiency for cruising that is not seen on today's market. Bali offers both sailing and power catamarans between 40 and 55 feet. Seattle Yachts would be happy to help you find the perfect pre-owned Bali Catamaran that fits your needs.

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Bali Catamarans has multiple models on the market available and are listed below.

Bali 5.4 Sailing Catamaran

The Bali 5.4 sailing catamaran is the flagship model of the Bali fleet. At 55' in length and a beam over 28', she has one massive, stable platform with both hulls joined together with the aft cockpit. The enormous forward cockpit leads to the salon and galley, both of which are spacious and open with the abundance of retractable windows. Enjoy plenty of seating with panoramic views from the interior. The dining area can comfortably seat 12 people.

The bali trademark sun deck platform is in place of the trampoline which is traditionally seen on sailing cats. This offers owners an extra space to enjoy the sun. The Bali 5.4 is impressively self-sufficient when it comes to energy, storage, and fuel efficiency. Owners have a choice of layouts including a 4, 5, and 6 stateroom option.

Bali 4.5 Sailing Catamaran

The Bali 4.5 sailing catamaran is characterized as innovative with panoramic views, exceptional natural ventilation and an abundance of livable space. The massive forward cockpit has removable tables to expand the sunbathing area and can incorporate a flybridge helm if desired. The sleek design does an excellent job of hiding the huge interior and exterior relaxation zones. The catamaran hull offers the best stability at cruise and anchor possible.

There is a very unique, open feel in the salon with the standard retractable windows. This offers superior fresh air ventilation that is noticeably different than Bali's competitors in the same class. The Bali 4.5 uses the very best possible materials including a closed-cell PVC foam sandwich that is fabricated by a resin-infusion process that ensures rigidity, longevity and weight savings, and as a result, the Bali 4.5 is the lightest in its class. The design and height of the nacelle allows a better passage through the water, giving comfort and safety. With the rig further aft comes the possibility of a larger headsail, and with the self-tacking solent, greater maneuverability.  Its sail-area to light displacement ratio is the highest in its class, giving the performance, safety and sea-keeping quality you would expect from Catana. 

Bali 4.3 Sailing Catamaran

The Bali 4.3 sailing catamaran offers a level of stability that only a cat can bring with the living space of a small motor yacht. This is not your conventional catamaran. Offered in both 3 and 4 stateroom layouts, the Bali 4.3 is a massive, open platform for true living and sailing on the water. The 23'+ beam and catamaran hull offer excellent stability both during cruising and at anchor. Bali's signature loft on the 4.3 gives owners a wonderful panoramic view of the ocean. 

The single area cockpit and salon has a totally flush deck and absolutely no bulkheads. The living areas both inside and out are spacious and have lots of natural light with the retractable windows. Ventilation is excellent. With tanks for 200 gallons of fresh water and 200 gallons of fuel, a big American-style fridge with ice maker and chilled water dispenser, a 720 Ah battery bank, two 16 gallon holding tanks, all controlled via a multiplexing touch screen with integrated tutorial, a latest-generation fully-equipped galley, the Bali 4.3 will take you farther and  longer than you ever dared dream.

Bali 4.1 Sailing Catamaran

The Bali 4.1 sailing catamaran distinguishes itself from other similar boats in its class through its innovation, practicality, and comfortable living spaces. The integral aft platform connects both hulls giving owners a wonderful aft cockpit area, diving platform, and shaded aft bench seating. It even includes large side lockers which can fit a grill or scuba equipment if so desired.

The forward cockpit on the Bali 4.1 has a dining area with spectacular views in addition to a large sunbathing area where the trampoline on a traditional catamaran normally goes. The Bali 4.1 is no ordinary cat. There is also extra sunbathing room on the coachroof as well.

The interior of the Bali 4.1 is completely free from bullkheads resulting in a very large living space made up of a L-shaped dining area across from a comfortable, extendable lounger. The galley space is massive as well for a boat of this class with lots of storage areas and room to prepare meals.

The salon and cockpit area open with a glazed door that pivots to open and close. There is an abundance of space to relax on the boat in virtually every living area. Fresh air ventilation is taken care of with a multitude of retracting or sliding windows.

Bali 4.0 Sailing Catamaran

The Bali 4.0 Sailing Catamaran (40 ft.) consists of a single cockpit and salon area that is entirely flush and unencumbered by bulkheads. The salon is accessible through an immense folding, electric glass door. The forward cockpit has a wonderful dining area that offers exceptional water views through windows on both port and starboard sides.

Sunbathing is a pleasure on the Bali 4.0 Cat with a large lounge area in place where there is normally the traditional catamaran trampoline as well as areas on the coach-roof. As with its larger siblings, the Bali 4.0 enjoys an extraordinary amout of natural light. The large retractable windows bring an unequalled freshness into the salon as well as giving guests a panoramic view.  The many hatches in the hulls ensure exceptional natural ventilation.

The Bali 4.0 Cat's technical equipment will satisfy the most exacting sailors, and then for the most exacting cook, forward is the latest generation fitted galley allowing you to cook with a sea view.

With tanks for up to 200+ gallons of water and 100+ gallons of diesel, a huge fridge and deep freezer, an outsized battery bank, all controlled using a multiplexing touch screen with integrated tutorial, the latest generation fitted galley and its light displacement the Bali 4.0 will take you further than you ever dreamed possible.


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