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Used Selene Yachts For Sale

At the time of this writing, there are reportedly some 400 Selene yachts cruising in various parts of the world, with about 75 used vessels, from 36 to 92 feet LOA, listed for sale worldwide. Selene yachts are noteworthy for several reasons. 1) They employ full-displacement hull forms. 2) Most of them, particularly in the smaller sizes are fitted with a single propulsion engine and screw, indicating a priority consideration to long-range capabilities.  3) Selene yachts were developed, built, marketed, and sold by a Taiwan-based firm, jet Tern Marine — in contrast to being built on sub-contract by an Asian shipyard for a western marketing and sales firm. 


(Seattle Yachts provides access to thousands of boats and yachts available on the market today. These new and used yachts for sale around the world and on the MLS may or may not be listed with Seattle Yachts, however we have the expert team on staff to help you with the purchase of any brand or type of boat.)

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Full-Displacement Hulls

Full-displacement hull forms are generally able to carry larger payloads (fuel, water, stores) for a given length LOA than either semi-displacement or planing hull forms, because of the greater underwater volume full-displacement hull forms have relative to their length. Thus, full-displacement hull forms tend to be favored among yachtsmen who seek to make long, open-water passages since they will be away from land-based logistical support during such passages. Full-displacement hull forms are also thought by some to be somewhat better sea-boats (more sea-kindly) — although there is plenty of expressed opinion that favors semi-displacement hulls in yachts under 50 meters long.

The drawback to a full-displacement hull form for a yacht is that it is supported primarily by buoyant forces and, therefore, moves through the water, instead of being pushed up onto the top of the water by hydrodynamic lifting forces, as happens with a planing hull. The result is that a full-displacement hull faces a steeply rising, almost vertical resistance curve as it approaches its “hull speed” —

 (Vkn = 1.34 x √LWLfeet).

All of which means that a yacht 40 feet on her loaded waterline can attain, as a practical matter, a maximum speed of about 9 knots. That kind of top speed is satisfactory to most yachtsmen for long offshore passages, but many want to be able to go faster than that alongshore and when island-hopping. So, it all comes down to whether you enjoy spending time at sea or whether being at sea is for you simply a means to and end, which is exploration of shoreside and inland sites.

Single-Screw Propulsion

A single propeller on centerline, driven by a single engine, is generally a more economical rig to operate, both in terms of initial and ongoing costs and in terms of fuel consumption per nautical mile traveled. That is why a high percentage of commercial vessels are powered in that manner.

In smaller yachts, given their limited capacity for carrying fuel, the increased efficiency of a single-screw set-up often makes the difference between being able to make usefully long passages on the yacht’s own bottom versus having to transport the yacht as deck cargo on a large ship, in order to cruise distant waters. And with the modern availability of emergency power from a genset via electro-hydraulic transmission to the single prop shaft, as well as the common use these days of bow and stern thrusters, many of the drawbacks of single-screw propulsion systems have been eliminated.


Jet Tern Marine, which manufactures the Selene line, was founded in 1998 in Taiwan, and at that time, set up a shipyard in Dongguan, China. The first Selene was delivered to a U.S. buyer in 1999. Later, in 2008, Jet Tern opened a second shipyard in Zhuhai, China, near Macau, 70 miles from Dongguan. The Zhuhai shipyard was quite modern and incorporated two workshops, A & B, approximately 150,000 square feet each, plus a 32,000 square foot warehouse.

When you’re looking for a yacht, it always makes sense to deal though a broker who has in-depth experience with the type and brand you’re considering. Several members of the Seattle Yachts brokerage team are fully familiar with Selene yachts and some have been to jet Tern Marine in Zhuhai to see them under construction. Our team is also familiar with all the other yacht yards in the Zhuhai area. For that reason, we can put our wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to work for you, whether you’re looking for or at a Selene or one of the other long-distance cruising yachts available. Call or email us to talk more.

If you have an interest in Selene, we also recommend you read our guide to Buying and Owning A Trawler Yacht. It's quite extensive and really offers several tips on the buying process and ownership experience.



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