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1 [empty string] Port MTU 16V2000M93 Inboard 2012 Diesel 662.00 1823.00 0.00 1
2 [empty string] Starboard MTU 16V2000M93 Inboard 2012 Diesel 642.00 1823.00 0.00 2
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1 French commercial flag RIF 1
2 Low engines hours 2
3 Fully equipped 3
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1 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_f3eb3f57_2.jpg 1202960 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_f3eb3f57_2.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_f3eb3f57_2.jpg 1 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_f3eb3f57_2.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
2 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_b4a5552d_1.jpg 1202959 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_b4a5552d_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_b4a5552d_1.jpg 2 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_b4a5552d_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
3 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_0d14fa4a_3.jpg 1202961 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_0d14fa4a_3.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_0d14fa4a_3.jpg 3 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_0d14fa4a_3.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
4 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_18675372_4.jpg 1202962 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_18675372_4.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_18675372_4.jpg 4 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_18675372_4.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
5 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_98ca25e5_5.jpg 1202963 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_98ca25e5_5.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_98ca25e5_5.jpg 5 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_98ca25e5_5.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
6 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_11bafa5a_27.jpg 1202985 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_11bafa5a_27.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_11bafa5a_27.jpg 6 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_11bafa5a_27.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
7 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_e86743d5_28.jpg 1202986 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_e86743d5_28.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_e86743d5_28.jpg 7 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_e86743d5_28.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
8 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_e93bb7bd_6.jpg 1202964 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_e93bb7bd_6.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_e93bb7bd_6.jpg 8 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_e93bb7bd_6.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
9 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_d538b78c_7.jpg 1202965 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_d538b78c_7.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_d538b78c_7.jpg 9 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_d538b78c_7.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
10 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_2825f35e_8.jpg 1202966 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_2825f35e_8.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_2825f35e_8.jpg 10 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_2825f35e_8.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
11 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_7fca3059_9.jpg 1202967 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_7fca3059_9.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_7fca3059_9.jpg 11 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_7fca3059_9.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
12 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_09f26927_10.jpg 1202968 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_09f26927_10.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_09f26927_10.jpg 12 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_09f26927_10.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
13 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_13b773db_11.jpg 1202969 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_13b773db_11.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_13b773db_11.jpg 13 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_13b773db_11.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
14 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_320f8851_12.jpg 1202970 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_320f8851_12.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_320f8851_12.jpg 14 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_320f8851_12.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
15 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_a8e9e2a3_13.jpg 1202971 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_a8e9e2a3_13.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_a8e9e2a3_13.jpg 15 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_a8e9e2a3_13.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
16 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_1a4f7e6e_15.jpg 1202973 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_1a4f7e6e_15.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_1a4f7e6e_15.jpg 16 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_1a4f7e6e_15.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
17 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_f9a12f60_16.jpg 1202974 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_f9a12f60_16.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_f9a12f60_16.jpg 17 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_f9a12f60_16.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
18 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_56a1af5a_24.jpg 1202982 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_56a1af5a_24.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_56a1af5a_24.jpg 18 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_56a1af5a_24.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
19 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_156edcf6_23.jpg 1202981 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_156edcf6_23.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_156edcf6_23.jpg 19 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_156edcf6_23.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
20 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_fc07cd2f_25.jpg 1202983 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_fc07cd2f_25.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_fc07cd2f_25.jpg 20 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_fc07cd2f_25.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
21 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_dd490f1a_17.jpg 1202975 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_dd490f1a_17.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_dd490f1a_17.jpg 21 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_dd490f1a_17.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
22 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_e4066516_18.jpg 1202976 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_e4066516_18.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_e4066516_18.jpg 22 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_e4066516_18.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
23 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_97f14e2f_22.jpg 1202980 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_97f14e2f_22.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_97f14e2f_22.jpg 23 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_97f14e2f_22.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
24 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_30545aaa_19.jpg 1202977 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_30545aaa_19.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_30545aaa_19.jpg 24 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_30545aaa_19.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
25 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_e995fa20_20.jpg 1202978 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_e995fa20_20.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_e995fa20_20.jpg 25 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_e995fa20_20.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
26 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_3cb83a80_21.jpg 1202979 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_3cb83a80_21.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_3cb83a80_21.jpg 26 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_3cb83a80_21.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
27 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_44e2c492_14.jpg 1202972 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_44e2c492_14.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_44e2c492_14.jpg 27 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_44e2c492_14.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
28 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2767372_c035856d_26.jpg 1202984 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2767372_c035856d_26.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2767372_c035856d_26.jpg 28 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2767372_c035856d_26.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
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1 07/31/2019 1205.00 28.00 0.00 1
  AddressLineOne AddressLineThree AddressLineTwo Biography BrokerageName City Country DisplayPicture Email Facebook Fax Flickr Google GoogleAnalyticsID ID Instagram LinkedIn OfficeID Phone Pinterest RSS Script Skype State TollFree Twitter Website Youtube Zip
1 Le Panorama Bloc A/B 7e étage 57 Rue Grimaldi [empty string] Northrop and Johnson [empty string] Monaco https://media.iyba.pro/biopic/4cc5754b0c01ae5137332be056a66331.png info@northropandjohnson.com https://www.facebook.com/njyachts [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 40000054 https://www.instagram.com/northropandjohnson [empty string] 60000477 +377 97 77 27 20 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] https://twitter.com/NorthropJohnson https://www.northropandjohnson.com [empty string] 98000
  AddressLineOne AddressLineThree AddressLineTwo Biography BrokerID BrokerName BrokerTitle BrokerageID BrokerageName Cell City Country DisplayPicture Email Facebook Fax Flickr Google GoogleAnalyticsID Instagram LinkedIn OfficeID Phone Pinterest RSS Script Skype State TollFree Twitter Website Youtube Zip
1 9 Avenue d'Ostende [empty string] [empty string] <p>Northrop &amp; Johnson Sales Broker - Sébastien Clavé, was born and raised in France before moving in 2006 to a place where his heart and family truly belong, Monaco. After his A-levels, Sébastien graduated from university with a mechanical engineering degree then went on to be awarded a Master's degree from the International Business School of Le Havre.</p><p><br></p><p>In 2005, after two years in the motor trade business working for Lamborghini and Ferrari, Sébastien decided it was time for a career change. He entered the world of yachting and immediately realized he had found his true passion; he joined the Antibes Pershing and Ferretti yacht dealership as a sales broker. After only one year with the company, he was tasked with opening the Monaco branch, where he worked as the manager and sales broker from 2006 to 2018.</p><p><br></p><p>In July 2018, Sébastien joined the Northrop &amp; Johnson Monaco team. With more than 15 years in the yachting industry as a Sales Broker, Sébastien has worked with a multitude of clients, brokering deals, working on new construction projects, handling flag-state regulations and much more. His outstanding expertise in all aspects of the yacht business, with multiple deals to his credit, makes him an excellent addition to the N&amp;J team.</p><p><br></p><p>Sébastien is genuinely passionate about the yachting industry; he loves life in Monaco and is a member of several yachting organizations in the area — including Young Professionals in Yachting (YPY) Monaco, where he is dedicated to helping the younger generations advance within the yachting industry. Sébastien has also been passionate about sports cars and the Lamborghini brand since his childhood. That is why he has recently launched, with an Italian and Monégasque team, the Club Lamborghini Monaco. As Vice-president of the Club and sales broker for Northrop &amp; Johnson, he is happy to link his two passions and has even organized some joint events such as the Bull Days (more info on our website).</p> 82295 Sebastien Clave [empty string] 60000477 [empty string] +33 60 79 35 321 Monaco Monaco https://media.iyba.pro/biopic/a3e0c40f74c3f61cc75ec8fcec9b0a33.jpg sebastien.clave@northropandjohnson.com https://www.facebook.com/njyachts [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] https://www.instagram.com/northropandjohnson [empty string] 60000477 +377 97 77 27 20 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] https://twitter.com/NorthropJohnson https://www.northropandjohnson.com [empty string] 98000
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1 Euro 2020-09-08T10:01:40.000000Z [empty string]
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  AC BeamFeet BeamInch Builder CECertified CabinCount Category City Classification Condition Country CreatedTimestamp_date CreatedTimestamp_timezone CreatedTimestamp_timezone_type CrewCabinCount CrewMessCount CrewSleepCount CruiseSpeed Currency CurrencySymbol Description Designer Displacement DisplacementType DisplayLengthFeet DisplayLengthMeters DocumentedYear DoubleBerthCount Flag FractionalSharesAvailable FreshWaterCapacityGallons FuelTankCapacityGallons FuelType GrossTonnage HeadCount HoldingTankCapacityGallons HullFinish HullIdentificationNumber HullMaterial HullWarranty HullWarrantyDate ID Imported InStock KingBerthCount LOAFeet LOAInch LOAMeters LODFeet LODInch ListingOwnerBrokerageID ListingOwnerBrokerageName ListingOwnerID ListingOwnerName ListingOwnerOfficeID ListingType MCACertified Manufacturer MaximumDraftFeet MaximumDraftInch MaximumSpeed MinimumDraftFeet MinimumDraftInch Model NextMajorClassInspectionDate PriceEuro PriceHeadline PriceHidden PriceUSD QueenBerthCount RangeNMI RefitYear SaleInUSWaters SeoURL ShareType SignedListingAgreement SingleBerthCount SleepCount Stabilizers State Status StockNumber Subcategory Summary TaxStatus TradeIn Type UpdatedTimestamp_date UpdatedTimestamp_timezone UpdatedTimestamp_timezone_type VesselName Year Zip
1 Yes 18 [empty string] Pershing Yes 3 Motor Yachts Marines de Cogolin Commercial RIF Used France [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 1 [empty string] 2 40 Euro <p class="ql-align-justify"><span style="color: black;">The Pershing 72 LOONEY is the only Pershing 72 with the nice French Commercial flag (RIF). </span><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">LOONEY has low engines hours</span><span style="color: black;"> and is in a mint condition. This Pershing 72’ is fully equipped with the famous full pearl grey Pershing paint and has all the options available on this model.</span></p><p class="ql-align-justify"><span style="color: black;">Because of her 2 X 1.823 Hp MTU engines and her SeaRex surface drives this 22m motor yacht can reach 45kn top speed and 42kn cruising speed. </span></p><p class="ql-align-justify"><span style="color: black;">LOONEY is the best deal Pershing 72 on the market!</span></p> <br> <i> Seattle Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Northrop and Johnson. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a particular vessel </i><br /><script data-vID="2767372" data-vVesselname="LOONEY" data-vPUSD="1523490" data-vYear="2012" data-vMfr="Pershing" data-vDisLenFt="72" data-vModel="72" data-vC="Tm9ydGhyb3AgYW5kIEpvaG5zb24=" data-vU="U2ViYXN0aWVuIENsYXZl" data-vA="YjRmZDJiNThmMTFhZWMyOGI1M2IxM2NhN2UyZjgzYzllZmVlMjg2OQ==" data-host="https://analytics.yachtbroker.org" data-dnt="false" src="https://analytics.yachtbroker.org/js/script.js" id="ZwSg9rf6GA" async defer></script> Fulvio De Simoni 43.4 tonnes 72 21.95 [empty string] 2 France [empty string] 261.53 1188.77 Diesel [empty string] 3 [empty string] Pearl grey paint [empty string] Fiberglass [empty string] [empty string] 2767372 [empty string] No [empty string] 72 0 21.95 [empty string] [empty string] 40000054 Northrop and Johnson 82295 Sebastien Clave 60000477 Central/Exclusive [empty string] Pershing 5 [empty string] 45 5 [empty string] 72 [empty string] 1290000 [empty string] NO 1523490 [empty string] 320 [empty string] No https://www.seattleyachts.com/used-yachts-for-sale/72-pershing-72-2012-looney/2767372_1 Available for Co-Brokerage Yes 2 7 None [empty string] Sold [empty string] Motor Yachts French commercial flag RIF Low engines hours Fully equipped Tax Not Paid No Power [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] LOONEY 2012 [empty string]
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1 1 iqgfMSSCz5g LOONEY
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72' Pershing 72 2012

This listing has sold. To check if it, or a sistership, has come back on the market, please call us.



The Pershing 72 LOONEY is the only Pershing 72 with the nice French Commercial flag (RIF). LOONEY has low engines hours and is in a mint condition. This Pershing 72’ is fully equipped with the famous full pearl grey Pershing paint and has all the options available on this model.

Because of her 2 X 1.823 Hp MTU engines and her SeaRex surface drives this 22m motor yacht can reach 45kn top speed and 42kn cruising speed.

LOONEY is the best deal Pershing 72 on the market!

Seattle Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Northrop and Johnson. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a particular vessel
Price: $1,523,490
Boat Name: LOONEY
Make: Pershing
Model: 72
Year: 2012
Condition: Used
Category: Motor Yachts
Construction: Fiberglass
Length: 72 ft
Display Length: 72 ft
Beam: 18 ft in
Max Draft: 5 ft in
Min Draft: 5 ft in
Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 1,189
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fresh Water Capacity (Gallons): 262
Max Speed: 45 kn
Displacement: --
Number of Engines: 2
Engine Make MTU
Engine Model 16V2000M93
Engine Power 1823.00 HP
City: Marines de Cogolin
State: --
Country: France

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