MYURL https://api.iyba.pro/vessel/2770270?key=b4fd2b58f11aec28b53b13ca7e2f83c9efee2869&id=81983&lang=en
VESSELID 2770270
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  CustomURL CustomURLThumbnail CustomURLTitle FileExtension
  DriveType EngineLocation EngineMake EngineModel EngineType EngineYear FuelType Hours PowerHP PowerKW Sort
1 [empty string] Port MAN Man V12 Inboard 2011 Diesel 850.00 1400.00 0.00 1
2 [empty string] Starboard MAN Man V12 Inboard 2011 Diesel 850.00 1400.00 0.00 2
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  CreatedTimestamp Description Featured HD ID Large Medium Sort Thumbnail Title UpdatedTimestamp
1 [empty string] MCY 76, Aft Profile Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_fb8b0f4e_1.jpg 1308816 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_fb8b0f4e_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_fb8b0f4e_1.jpg 1 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_fb8b0f4e_1.jpg MCY 76, Aft Profile [empty string]
2 [empty string] MCY 76, Underwater Lights Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_abafa567_2.jpg 1308817 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_abafa567_2.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_abafa567_2.jpg 2 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_abafa567_2.jpg MCY 76, Underwater Lights [empty string]
3 [empty string] MCY 76, Fly Helm Station Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_9aff5ca7_3.jpg 1308818 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_9aff5ca7_3.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_9aff5ca7_3.jpg 3 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_9aff5ca7_3.jpg MCY 76, Fly Helm Station [empty string]
4 [empty string] MCY 76, Fly Helm Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_c13d5110_4.jpg 1308819 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_c13d5110_4.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_c13d5110_4.jpg 4 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_c13d5110_4.jpg MCY 76, Fly Helm [empty string]
5 [empty string] MCY 76, Fly Dinette Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_543d3655_5.jpg 1308820 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_543d3655_5.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_543d3655_5.jpg 5 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_543d3655_5.jpg MCY 76, Fly Dinette [empty string]
6 [empty string] MCY 76, Fly Stairs Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_d00028a1_6.jpg 1308821 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_d00028a1_6.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_d00028a1_6.jpg 6 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_d00028a1_6.jpg MCY 76, Fly Stairs [empty string]
7 [empty string] MCY 76, Cockpit Dinette Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_903bbaf0_7.jpg 1308822 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_903bbaf0_7.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_903bbaf0_7.jpg 7 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_903bbaf0_7.jpg MCY 76, Cockpit Dinette [empty string]
8 [empty string] MCY 76, Salon To Aft Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_36559759_8.jpg 1308823 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_36559759_8.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_36559759_8.jpg 8 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_36559759_8.jpg MCY 76, Salon To Aft [empty string]
9 [empty string] MCY 76, Dining Area Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_fbcb8991_9.jpg 1308824 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_fbcb8991_9.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_fbcb8991_9.jpg 9 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_fbcb8991_9.jpg MCY 76, Dining Area [empty string]
10 [empty string] MCY 76, Salon Lounge Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_93100a14_10.jpg 1308825 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_93100a14_10.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_93100a14_10.jpg 10 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_93100a14_10.jpg MCY 76, Salon Lounge [empty string]
11 [empty string] MCY 76, Salon Detail Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_18f068be_11.jpg 1308826 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_18f068be_11.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_18f068be_11.jpg 11 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_18f068be_11.jpg MCY 76, Salon Detail [empty string]
12 [empty string] MCY 76, Owner Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_19fd5ca5_12.jpg 1308827 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_19fd5ca5_12.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_19fd5ca5_12.jpg 12 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_19fd5ca5_12.jpg MCY 76, Owner's Cabin [empty string]
13 [empty string] MCY 76, Owner Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_3317b03b_13.jpg 1308828 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_3317b03b_13.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_3317b03b_13.jpg 13 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_3317b03b_13.jpg MCY 76, Owner's Bathroom [empty string]
14 [empty string] MCY 76, Owner Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_a2341645_14.jpg 1308829 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_a2341645_14.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_a2341645_14.jpg 14 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_a2341645_14.jpg MCY 76, Owner's Shower [empty string]
15 [empty string] MCY 76, Owner Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_f36e6d04_15.jpg 1308830 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_f36e6d04_15.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_f36e6d04_15.jpg 15 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_f36e6d04_15.jpg MCY 76, Owner's Head [empty string]
16 [empty string] MCY 76, Vip Cabin Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_d29bbe28_16.jpg 1308831 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_d29bbe28_16.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_d29bbe28_16.jpg 16 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_d29bbe28_16.jpg MCY 76, Vip Cabin [empty string]
17 [empty string] MCY 76, Guest Bathroom Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_c48c644f_17.jpg 1308832 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_c48c644f_17.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_c48c644f_17.jpg 17 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_c48c644f_17.jpg MCY 76, Guest Bathroom [empty string]
18 [empty string] MCY 76, Guest Cabin Twin Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_9141ce54_18.jpg 1308833 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_9141ce54_18.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_9141ce54_18.jpg 18 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_9141ce54_18.jpg MCY 76, Guest Cabin Twin [empty string]
19 [empty string] MCY 76, Galley Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_7c8879c9_19.jpg 1308834 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_7c8879c9_19.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_7c8879c9_19.jpg 19 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_7c8879c9_19.jpg MCY 76, Galley [empty string]
20 [empty string] MCY 76, Engine Room Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_07960b8c_20.jpg 1308835 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_07960b8c_20.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_07960b8c_20.jpg 20 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_07960b8c_20.jpg MCY 76, Engine Room [empty string]
21 [empty string] MCY 76, Engine Detail Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_8698779c_21.jpg 1308836 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_8698779c_21.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_8698779c_21.jpg 21 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_8698779c_21.jpg MCY 76, Engine Detail [empty string]
22 [empty string] MCY 76, Engine Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_1913abe5_22.jpg 1308837 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_1913abe5_22.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_1913abe5_22.jpg 22 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_1913abe5_22.jpg MCY 76, Engine [empty string]
23 [empty string] MCY 76, Details Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_9689e9f9_23.jpg 1308838 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_9689e9f9_23.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_9689e9f9_23.jpg 23 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_9689e9f9_23.jpg MCY 76, Details [empty string]
24 [empty string] MCY 76, Layout Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2770270_07bf04be_24.jpg 1308839 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2770270_07bf04be_24.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2770270_07bf04be_24.jpg 24 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2770270_07bf04be_24.jpg MCY 76, Layout [empty string]
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  AddressLineOne AddressLineThree AddressLineTwo Biography BrokerageName City Country DisplayPicture Email Facebook Fax Flickr Google GoogleAnalyticsID ID Instagram LinkedIn OfficeID Phone Pinterest RSS Script Skype State TollFree Twitter Website Youtube Zip
1 Banchina Centrale [empty string] Marina di Poltu Quatu <p>Founded in 2002 by Consuelo Valerio, Given For Yachting is recognized today as one of the most serious and professional sales, charter and brokerage companies in the Med; the central idea of our company is the commitment to the complete satisfaction of our clients.</p> Given for Yachting Poltu Quatu Italy https://media.iyba.pro/biopic/9b5e03689dec303997626c3637e666f0.png info@givenfor.it https://www.facebook.com/pages/Given-For-Yachting/211122812291981 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 40000245 https://www.instagram.com/given_for_yachting/ http://www.linkedin.com/company/given-for-yachting?trk=biz-companies-cym 60000584 +39 0789 34721 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] OT [empty string] https://twitter.com/Givenforyachts http://givenfor.it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3SdnJwy1sAslvvbSIgX0Ug 07021
  AddressLineOne AddressLineThree AddressLineTwo Biography BrokerID BrokerName BrokerTitle BrokerageID BrokerageName Cell City Country DisplayPicture Email Facebook Fax Flickr Google GoogleAnalyticsID Instagram LinkedIn OfficeID Phone Pinterest RSS Script Skype State TollFree Twitter Website Youtube Zip
1 Banchina Centrale [empty string] Marina di Poltu Quatu <p><br></p> 82592 Gabriele Azzi [empty string] 60000584 [empty string] +39 347 26 99 990 Poltu Quatu Italy https://media.iyba.pro/biopic/2a41969bf81ab656d185a41a506ba6f9.jpg gabriele.azzi@givenfor.it https://www.facebook.com/pages/Given-For-Yachting/211122812291981 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] http://www.linkedin.com/company/given-for-yachting?trk=biz-companies-cym 60000584 +39078934721 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] OT [empty string] https://twitter.com/Givenforyachts http://givenfor.it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3SdnJwy1sAslvvbSIgX0Ug 07021
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  Currency DateTime Price
1 Euro 2020-01-23T09:47:20.000000Z [empty string]
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  AC BeamFeet BeamInch Builder CECertified CabinCount Category City Classification Condition Country CreatedTimestamp_date CreatedTimestamp_timezone CreatedTimestamp_timezone_type CrewCabinCount CrewMessCount CrewSleepCount CruiseSpeed Currency CurrencySymbol Description Designer Displacement DisplacementType DisplayLengthFeet DisplayLengthMeters DocumentedYear DoubleBerthCount Flag FractionalSharesAvailable FreshWaterCapacityGallons FuelTankCapacityGallons FuelType GrossTonnage HeadCount HoldingTankCapacityGallons HullFinish HullIdentificationNumber HullMaterial HullWarranty HullWarrantyDate ID Imported InStock KingBerthCount LOAFeet LOAInch LOAMeters LODFeet LODInch ListingOwnerBrokerageID ListingOwnerBrokerageName ListingOwnerID ListingOwnerName ListingOwnerOfficeID ListingType MCACertified Manufacturer MaximumDraftFeet MaximumDraftInch MaximumSpeed MinimumDraftFeet MinimumDraftInch Model NextMajorClassInspectionDate PriceEuro PriceHeadline PriceHidden PriceUSD QueenBerthCount RangeNMI RefitYear SaleInUSWaters SeoURL ShareType SignedListingAgreement SingleBerthCount SleepCount Stabilizers State Status StockNumber Subcategory Summary TaxStatus TradeIn Type UpdatedTimestamp_date UpdatedTimestamp_timezone UpdatedTimestamp_timezone_type VesselName Year Zip
1 Yes 17 [empty string] Monte Carlo Yachts Yes 4 Motor Yachts Porto Rotondo A Used Italy [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 1 [empty string] 2 26 Euro <br> <i> Seattle Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Given for Yachting. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a particular vessel </i> Nuvolari & Lenard 48000 kilos 75 23.05 [empty string] [empty string] Italy [empty string] 264.17 1056.69 Diesel [empty string] 4 79.25 [empty string] [empty string] Fiberglass None [empty string] 2770270 [empty string] No [empty string] 75 7 23.05 [empty string] [empty string] 40000245 Given for Yachting 82592 Gabriele Azzi 60000584 Open/Non-Exclusive [empty string] Monte Carlo 5 1 31 [empty string] [empty string] MCY 76 [empty string] 1650000 [empty string] NO 1841400 2 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://www.seattleyachts.com/used-yachts-for-sale/75-monte-carlo-mcy-76-2011/2770270_1 Available for Co-Brokerage Yes [empty string] 8 None [empty string] On [empty string] Flybridge The distinctive character of our style is evident both from the overall lines of the boats, equipped with an iconic profile and a high bow, flared and without pulpit, as well as by the attention to detail, as the touch of originality given to the portholes reinterpreting the classic ox eye. Like al Leasing No Power [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 2011 07026
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1 1594535181780
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10 1594535181980
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75' Monte Carlo MCY 76 2011

Seattle Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Given for Yachting. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a particular vessel
Price: $1,841,400
Boat Name: --
Make: Monte Carlo
Model: MCY 76
Year: 2011
Condition: Used
Category: Motor Yachts
Construction: Fiberglass
Length: 75 ft
Display Length: 75 ft
Beam: 17 ft
Max Draft: 5 ft
Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 1,057
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fresh Water Capacity (Gallons): 264
Max Speed: 31 kn
Displacement: --
Number of Engines: 2
Engine Make MAN
Engine Model Man V12
Engine Power 1400.00 HP
City: Porto Rotondo
State: --
Country: Italy

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