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Used Grand Banks Yachts For Sale

The Mother of All Trawler-Yacht Builders

Grand Banks Yachts (American Marine Ltd.) can rightfully be considered the “Mother” of all trawler-style yacht brands, with significantly more than 4,000 of their classic GBs and Grand Alaskan models (32 feet to 66 feet LOA) built since 1963.

Originally built in wood at a Hong Kong boatyard, these boxy but attractive, originally 8-knot vessels quickly set the stage for the emergence of an entire genre of cruising yachts. By 1975, GBs were being built in fiberglass with twin-diesel propulsion engines that could drive their semi-displacement hulls to speeds well into the teens. And what followed was more than three decades of dominance in the cruising power yacht sector.

Today, Grand Banks no longer produces what were for so many years their trademark “classic” yachts — which GB now calls its “legacy models”. Following a stint with its Eastbay sub-brand, GB revamped and modernized its entire product line in accord with contemporary market tastes and preferences.


(Seattle Yachts provides access to thousands of boats and yachts available on the market today. These new and used yachts for sale around the world and on the MLS may or may not be listed with Seattle Yachts, however we have the expert team on staff to help you with the purchase of any brand or type of boat.)

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But Classic Never Goes Out of Style

Just as some people prefer “classic” clothing styles to modern high fashion, some yachtsmen and yachtswomen harbor a strong preference for classically styled and finished yachts, whether sail or power.

However much fun it might be to argue the relative merits of contemporary versus classic, the resilient preference for classic yachts is not a prescription, only a fact. And if you’re one whose pulse quickens at the sight of a high-bowed trawler-yacht with a large-windowed boxy deckhouse, a foredeck-housed anchor mounted on an all-chain rode and large enough for a battleship, and a tender in chocks on a boat deck abaft a flying bridge or maybe atop an aft-deck cabin trunk, then you, my friend, are going to want to look at what’s available amidst the very significant inventory of used classic GBs still out there. For a classic yacht is very much like a classic watch-sweater — when you’re in one, all feels right with the world.

The Good News

Grand Banks no longer builds what it calls its “legacy” models. But the good news is that most of them were built during a period when concern about weight was not as critical as many today believe it to be. The result is that the classic Grand Banks yachts were all robustly constructed, some perhaps even over-built. Moreover, they were mostly fitted with rugged, basic engines from Ford-Lehman, GM, John Deere, and Perkins.

Interiors are often replete with top-quality solid teak, available at the time of the build involved at a fraction of today’s cost. They are, in the main, the kinds of interiors that take readily to being refurbished and refinished at a modest cost — if, in the instance, such is needed at all. Original fittings and items of equipment were usually top-rate to begin with and often remain on classic GBs in sound operating condition.

All of this combines to mean a used Grand Banks that is decades old may only just be approaching middle-age. Moreover, coupled with the fact there are more than 400 “legacy” GBs, Grand Alaskans, and GB Aleutian models, from 32 to 82 feet, listed worldwide on the MLS services, it means the chance is very good you can find a legacy Grand Banks that will warm the cockles of your heart for years to come — provided, of course, you know where to look and what to look for.

Help Springs Eternal at Seattle Yachts

That’s how we see our job at Seattle Yachts, namely, to filter the possibilities down to a manageable number, identify the best opportunities for fulfilling as closely as possible your specific needs and requirements, and seeing you through the search and buying process through to a successful (for you) conclusion.

Our team includes not only brokerage salespeople, but also cruising enthusiasts and experienced boatbuilders and refitters. Consequently, when it comes time to put the facts in front of you concerning how various used Grand Banks yachts or another brand or brands of yachts for sale stack up against one another, we’re here to make sure you have all the relevant information you need for making an informed decision.

We’re also here to make sure you find and buy what you want, not what someone else thinks you should have — or what rolls up the largest possible commission. Like Grand Banks, Seattle Yachts takes what might be called a “classic” approach to brokerage… we do business in a way that never goes out of style. Call or email us today.


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