MYURL https://api.iyba.pro/vessel/2762728?key=b4fd2b58f11aec28b53b13ca7e2f83c9efee2869&id=81983&lang=en
VESSELID 2762728
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  CustomURL CustomURLThumbnail CustomURLTitle FileExtension
  DriveType EngineLocation EngineMake EngineModel EngineType EngineYear FuelType Hours PowerHP PowerKW Sort
1 [empty string] [empty string] VOLVO IPS D-800hp [empty string] 2018 Diesel 48.00 800.00 596.56 1
2 [empty string] [empty string] VOVLO IPS D-800hp [empty string] 2018 [empty string] 48.00 800.00 596.56 2
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1 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_d92014ab_1.jpg 981220 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_d92014ab_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_d92014ab_1.jpg 1 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_d92014ab_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
2 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_74c20891_1.jpg 981221 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_74c20891_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_74c20891_1.jpg 2 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_74c20891_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
3 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_efca7de5_1.jpg 981222 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_efca7de5_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_efca7de5_1.jpg 3 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_efca7de5_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
4 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_ba4adc0c_1.jpg 981223 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_ba4adc0c_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_ba4adc0c_1.jpg 4 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_ba4adc0c_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
5 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_30cc06f4_1.jpg 981224 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_30cc06f4_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_30cc06f4_1.jpg 5 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_30cc06f4_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
6 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_68cf1a6f_1.jpg 981225 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_68cf1a6f_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_68cf1a6f_1.jpg 6 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_68cf1a6f_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
7 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_3648449c_1.jpg 981226 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_3648449c_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_3648449c_1.jpg 7 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_3648449c_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
8 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_fe3e4b72_1.jpg 981227 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_fe3e4b72_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_fe3e4b72_1.jpg 8 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_fe3e4b72_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
9 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_7b9824a3_1.jpg 981228 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_7b9824a3_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_7b9824a3_1.jpg 9 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_7b9824a3_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
10 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_de989514_1.jpg 981229 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_de989514_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_de989514_1.jpg 10 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_de989514_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
11 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_62a0c88b_1.jpg 981230 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_62a0c88b_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_62a0c88b_1.jpg 11 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_62a0c88b_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
12 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_73b490e3_1.jpg 981231 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_73b490e3_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_73b490e3_1.jpg 12 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_73b490e3_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
13 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_445d6eba_1.jpg 981232 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_445d6eba_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_445d6eba_1.jpg 13 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_445d6eba_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
14 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_fdd0a2c1_1.jpg 981233 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_fdd0a2c1_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_fdd0a2c1_1.jpg 14 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_fdd0a2c1_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
15 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_813ba090_1.jpg 981234 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_813ba090_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_813ba090_1.jpg 15 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_813ba090_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
16 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_cc2f1eee_1.jpg 981235 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_cc2f1eee_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_cc2f1eee_1.jpg 16 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_cc2f1eee_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
17 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_86f330d9_1.jpg 981236 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_86f330d9_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_86f330d9_1.jpg 17 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_86f330d9_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
18 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_bac80733_1.jpg 981237 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_bac80733_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_bac80733_1.jpg 18 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_bac80733_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
19 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_78e77da0_1.jpg 981238 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_78e77da0_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_78e77da0_1.jpg 19 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_78e77da0_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
20 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_6023fbf6_1.jpg 981239 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_6023fbf6_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_6023fbf6_1.jpg 20 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_6023fbf6_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
21 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_9d57d896_1.jpg 981240 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_9d57d896_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_9d57d896_1.jpg 21 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_9d57d896_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
22 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_0ec1a85e_1.jpg 981241 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_0ec1a85e_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_0ec1a85e_1.jpg 22 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_0ec1a85e_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
23 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_8398d294_1.jpg 981242 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_8398d294_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_8398d294_1.jpg 23 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_8398d294_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
24 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_a1d3c1f0_1.jpg 981243 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_a1d3c1f0_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_a1d3c1f0_1.jpg 24 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_a1d3c1f0_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
25 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_24c333e4_1.jpg 981244 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_24c333e4_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_24c333e4_1.jpg 25 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_24c333e4_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
26 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_6ec1b69f_1.jpg 981245 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_6ec1b69f_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_6ec1b69f_1.jpg 26 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_6ec1b69f_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
27 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_93bcbdc7_1.jpg 981246 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_93bcbdc7_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_93bcbdc7_1.jpg 27 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_93bcbdc7_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
28 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_664f2fa4_1.jpg 981247 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_664f2fa4_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_664f2fa4_1.jpg 28 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_664f2fa4_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
29 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_d30c0be9_1.jpg 981248 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_d30c0be9_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_d30c0be9_1.jpg 29 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_d30c0be9_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
30 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_77ca35b5_1.jpg 981249 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_77ca35b5_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_77ca35b5_1.jpg 30 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_77ca35b5_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
31 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_76f4edab_1.jpg 981250 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_76f4edab_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_76f4edab_1.jpg 31 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_76f4edab_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
32 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_ba08cfec_1.jpg 981251 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_ba08cfec_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_ba08cfec_1.jpg 32 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_ba08cfec_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
33 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_9d643e42_1.jpg 981252 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_9d643e42_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_9d643e42_1.jpg 33 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_9d643e42_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
34 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_85f9799a_1.jpg 981253 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_85f9799a_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_85f9799a_1.jpg 34 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_85f9799a_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
35 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_1be56630_1.jpg 981254 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_1be56630_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_1be56630_1.jpg 35 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_1be56630_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
36 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_0345bf41_1.jpg 981255 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_0345bf41_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_0345bf41_1.jpg 36 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_0345bf41_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
37 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_a73863a6_1.jpg 981256 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_a73863a6_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_a73863a6_1.jpg 37 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_a73863a6_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
38 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_bd0d1cb0_1.jpg 981257 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_bd0d1cb0_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_bd0d1cb0_1.jpg 38 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_bd0d1cb0_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
39 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_97a9a66f_1.jpg 981258 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_97a9a66f_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_97a9a66f_1.jpg 39 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_97a9a66f_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
40 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_74de23c1_1.jpg 981259 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_74de23c1_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_74de23c1_1.jpg 40 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_74de23c1_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
41 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_f27001f3_1.jpg 981260 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_f27001f3_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_f27001f3_1.jpg 41 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_f27001f3_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
42 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_2998e229_1.jpg 981261 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_2998e229_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_2998e229_1.jpg 42 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_2998e229_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
43 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_18703445_1.jpg 981262 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_18703445_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_18703445_1.jpg 43 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_18703445_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
44 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_673175ee_1.jpg 981263 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_673175ee_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_673175ee_1.jpg 44 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_673175ee_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
45 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_a89bbb37_1.jpg 981264 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_a89bbb37_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_a89bbb37_1.jpg 45 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_a89bbb37_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
46 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_ef16a17c_1.jpg 981265 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_ef16a17c_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_ef16a17c_1.jpg 46 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_ef16a17c_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
47 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_4bbcd850_1.jpg 981266 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_4bbcd850_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_4bbcd850_1.jpg 47 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_4bbcd850_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
48 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_4b381e47_1.jpg 981267 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_4b381e47_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_4b381e47_1.jpg 48 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_4b381e47_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
49 [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://media.iyba.pro/images/highdef/2762728_cb58c808_1.jpg 981268 https://media.iyba.pro/images/2762728_cb58c808_1.jpg https://media.iyba.pro/images/medium/2762728_cb58c808_1.jpg 49 https://media.iyba.pro/images/thumbnails/2762728_cb58c808_1.jpg [empty string] [empty string]
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  AddressLineOne AddressLineThree AddressLineTwo Biography BrokerageName City Country DisplayPicture Email Facebook Fax Flickr Google GoogleAnalyticsID ID Instagram LinkedIn OfficeID Phone Pinterest RSS Script Skype State TollFree Twitter Website Youtube Zip
1 Harbour Towne Suite 205 850 NE 3rd Street <p>We believe we are uniquely positioned in the yachting community, with an unrivaled family history and an international focus few brokerage houses can match. Working with the right yacht broker gives you the ability to have an industry insider fighting.</p> Denison Yachting Dania Beach USA https://media.iyba.pro/biopic/64b4038284e83144420671fbbb0d19e0.png info@denisonyachtsales.com https://www.facebook.com/DenisonYachtSales 1-954-763-3940 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 40000002 https://www.instagram.com/denison_superyachts [empty string] 60000001 1-954-763-3971 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] FL 1-866-375-5779 https://twitter.com/DenisonYachts http://denisonyachtsales.com https://www.youtube.com/user/DenisonYachtSales 33004
  AddressLineOne AddressLineThree AddressLineTwo Biography BrokerID BrokerName BrokerTitle BrokerageID BrokerageName Cell City Country DisplayPicture Email Facebook Fax Flickr Google GoogleAnalyticsID Instagram LinkedIn OfficeID Phone Pinterest RSS Script Skype State TollFree Twitter Website Youtube Zip
1 The Quay Suite 119 1535 SE 17th Street <p>Brian’s motto is: “Always exceed clients' expectations, and provide the ultimate in service, professionalism and knowledge while doing everything possible to ensure customers’ fulfillment of their yachting wants, needs and goals.”</p> 80030 Brian Ragsdale [empty string] 60000001 [empty string] 1-561-613-2433 Fort Lauderdale USA https://media.iyba.pro/biopic/3b7741d81ea7fb6c675ed18dda3466c7.png br@denisonyachting.com https://www.facebook.com/DenisonYachtSales 1-954-763-3940 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] https://www.instagram.com/denison_superyachts [empty string] 60000001 1-954-763-3971 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] FL 1-866-375-5779 https://twitter.com/denisonyachts http://denisonyachtsales.com https://www.youtube.com/user/DenisonYachtSales 33316
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1 USD 2019-05-13T13:46:41.000000Z [empty string]
  description sort title
1 Joystick Control 0 Steering System
2 <ul> <li>Non skid flooring by Anchor for safety.</li> <li>Bow Dinette with Custom back rest. &nbsp;</li> <li>Sofa -With quick drainage foam material.</li> <li>Speakers &amp; Radio.</li> <li>Storage compartments for Fenders.</li> <li>Anchor winch 20kg. Zinc plated Anchor with 246ft of chain.&nbsp;</li> <li>Anchor windlass and Chain Counter.</li> <li>Self cleaning anchor chain locker with hatches.&nbsp;</li> </ul> 1 Bow
3 <ul> <li>Stainless Steel Railings.&nbsp;</li> <li>Raised Gunnel with Solid Teak.</li> <li>Storage compartments in side walkways.</li> <li>Side walkways with custom lighting.</li> <li>White Deck and Deckhouse.&nbsp;</li> <li>Windshield Wipers (3)</li> <li>Custom Window Covers. (Black)</li> <li>Fuel intake locations on both Stb &amp; Port sided with Safety cover.</li> </ul> 2 Deck
4 <ul> <li>Loud Speakers with Remote control/ adjustment for surround sounds system connected to Radio in Flybridge.&nbsp;</li> <li>Storage for dock lines.&nbsp;</li> <li>Storage compartment under stairs to the Flybridge.&nbsp;</li> <li>Solid Teak Foor &amp; steps.&nbsp;</li> <li>Custom lighting.&nbsp;</li> <li>Custom boarding ladder for Port/ Stb access.</li> <li>Hot and Cold Shower.</li> <li>Direct Water connection to shore.</li> <li>Aft Cockpit Seating with Teak Table.&nbsp;</li> </ul> 3 Cockpit
5 <ul> <li>U- Shape Dinette Table to Stb.&nbsp;</li> <li>BBQ grill ( Port side)</li> <li>Wet Bar with sink, Fridge and stone work top with storage.</li> <li>Non skid Decks ( white)</li> <li>Life raft storage aft under seating.</li> <li>Custom Lighting.</li> <li>Flybridge hatchway railing and railing.</li> <li>&nbsp;Hard Top.</li> <li>(2) 12'' Garmin Touch screen displays.&nbsp;</li> <li>Touch Screen Volvo EVC 7&nbsp;</li> <li>Volvo Package software.</li> <li>Auto Pilot.&nbsp;</li> <li>VHF with DSC</li> <li>Trim Tab Controls.</li> <li>Anchor Windlass control with Chain Counter.&nbsp;</li> <li>Fusion Radio with iPad.</li> <li>Loud Speakers.</li> <li>Center line Helm with driving seat/ Flap.&nbsp;</li> <li>Dashboard Cover.&nbsp;</li> <li>Glass holders and glove compartment.&nbsp;</li> </ul> 4 Flybridge/ Instrument Panel
6 <ul> <li>Kohler Generator 23KW</li> <li>72,000 BTU Tropical Air Conditioning</li> <li>White engine room.</li> <li>Cable master (two- 50AMP-60HTZ) &nbsp;with Remote.</li> <li>Engine Room air intakes with Air/Water separator.</li> <li>FM200 Fire fighting system with Automatic engine/ Generator stop.</li> <li>Safety kit with smoke detection.&nbsp;</li> <li>Fuel Crossover connection (2)</li> <li>Dual Racor fuel filter with sensor and acoustic signaling to Bridge.&nbsp;</li> <li>Electric bilge pumps</li> <li>Battery Chargers for MAINS/GEN</li> </ul> 5 Machinary and Systems
7 <ul> <li>Upgraded VOVLO D-800hp IPS drive diesel motors.</li> <li>4th Cabin -Crew with AC, 2 beds with Walnut wood Finish, locker, large window, Head/Shower.&nbsp;</li> <li>Stainless Steel Anchor.&nbsp;</li> <li>Bow thruster.&nbsp;</li> <li>BBQ Grill.</li> <li>Lighting around walkway/deck and Bridge.&nbsp;</li> <li>(2) Underwater Lights.&nbsp;</li> <li>Electro- Hydraulic gangway. (Stern on Stb Side)</li> <li>Sea Keeper 9 Stabilization</li> <li>Electrical Sunshade in Hard Top covering aft Flybridge Deck Space.&nbsp;</li> <li>Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer.&nbsp;</li> <li>Safe in Master Stateroom.</li> <li>Removable Handle for swim ladder Platform.</li> <li>Sode Access boarding doors and custom ladder.&nbsp;</li> <li>Privacy Electrical sunshade on Cockpit.</li> <li>Pearl Grey coverings for all Exterior seating, wet bar, sofa, Table on Flybridge.&nbsp;</li> <li>GPS Chart Plotter (2) 12&quot; GARMINS located on Bridge.</li> <li>&nbsp;(2)16'' GARMINS in lower Helm.</li> <li>Cameras in Engine Room &amp; Cockpit.&nbsp;</li> <li>Hand Spray Shower on the Flybridge and Bow.</li> <li>Teak Swim Platform.</li> <li>Cockpit Table with cover and solid teak Chairs (4)</li> <li>Hardtop with Custom Lighting.&nbsp;</li> <li>Comfort Driving Helm Seat.&nbsp;</li> <li>Stone color woven durmast Oak Galley, Stairs and Access room.</li> <li>Stone woven Durmast Oak companionway Floor.&nbsp;</li> <li>(2) Ottomans&nbsp;</li> <li>Waterproof door for Direct Access to Engine Room from bathroom in Crew.&nbsp;</li> <li>SAT TV.</li> </ul> 6 Additional Build Options.
  AC BeamFeet BeamInch Builder CECertified CabinCount Category City Classification Condition Country CreatedTimestamp_date CreatedTimestamp_timezone CreatedTimestamp_timezone_type CrewCabinCount CrewMessCount CrewSleepCount CruiseSpeed Currency CurrencySymbol Description Designer Displacement DisplacementType DisplayLengthFeet DisplayLengthMeters DocumentedYear DoubleBerthCount Flag FractionalSharesAvailable FreshWaterCapacityGallons FuelTankCapacityGallons FuelType GrossTonnage HeadCount HoldingTankCapacityGallons HullFinish HullIdentificationNumber HullMaterial HullWarranty HullWarrantyDate ID Imported InStock KingBerthCount LOAFeet LOAInch LOAMeters LODFeet LODInch ListingOwnerBrokerageID ListingOwnerBrokerageName ListingOwnerID ListingOwnerName ListingOwnerOfficeID ListingType MCACertified Manufacturer MaximumDraftFeet MaximumDraftInch MaximumSpeed MinimumDraftFeet MinimumDraftInch Model NextMajorClassInspectionDate PriceEuro PriceHeadline PriceHidden PriceUSD QueenBerthCount RangeNMI RefitYear SaleInUSWaters SeoURL ShareType SignedListingAgreement SingleBerthCount SleepCount Stabilizers State Status StockNumber Subcategory Summary TaxStatus TradeIn Type UpdatedTimestamp_date UpdatedTimestamp_timezone UpdatedTimestamp_timezone_type VesselName Year Zip
1 No 16 5 [empty string] [empty string] 4 Motor Yachts Key Largo [empty string] Used United States [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] Usd $ <p>Brand New and priced to sell immediately! &nbsp;2018 58' Absolute Navetta with upgraded IPS D-800hp Volvo's, &nbsp;(Gyro) Sea Keeper 9, Dual Garmins electronics and crew quarters. This is only 58' Navetta currently listed for sale worldwide and the only 58' with upgraded IPS D-800hp motors. See below for some of her notable features and additional build options. <span style="color: #ff0000;"><br /></span></p> <ul> <li><span style="color: #ff0000;"><span style="color: #000000;">3 Stateroom &amp; 3 Head Layout.&nbsp;</span></span></li> <li><span style="color: #ff0000;"><span style="color: #000000;">Sea Keeper 9</span><br /></span></li> <li><span style="color: #ff0000;"><span style="color: #000000;">Larger D-800HP VOLVOs (NOT standard)&nbsp;</span></span></li> <li><span style="color: #ff0000;"><span style="color: #000000;">Bow Thruster</span></span></li> <li><span style="color: #ff0000;"><span style="color: #000000;">BBQ Grill/ Wet Bar on Flybridge</span></span></li> <li><span style="color: #000000;">Hydraulic Swim Platform (990lb Capacity)</span></li> <li><span style="color: #000000;">Fourth Stateroom (Crew quarters fully fitted with own head/ shower / TV)</span><span style="color: #000000;"><br /></span></li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <br> <i> Seattle Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Denison Yachting. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a particular vessel </i> [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 58 17.68 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 171 634 Diesel [empty string] 4 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] Fiberglass [empty string] [empty string] 2762728 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 58 [empty string] 17.68 [empty string] [empty string] 40000002 Denison Yachting 80030 Brian Ragsdale 60000001 Central/Exclusive [empty string] Absolute 4 3 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] NAVETTA [empty string] 1342959 2018 MIAMI BOAT SHOW BOAT NO 1499000 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] Yes https://www.seattleyachts.com/used-yachts-for-sale/58-absolute-navetta-2018/2762728_1 Available for Co-Brokerage Yes [empty string] [empty string] None Florida On [empty string] [empty string] For Sale [empty string] [empty string] Power [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 2018 [empty string]
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58' Absolute NAVETTA 2018

Brand New and priced to sell immediately!  2018 58' Absolute Navetta with upgraded IPS D-800hp Volvo's,  (Gyro) Sea Keeper 9, Dual Garmins electronics and crew quarters. This is only 58' Navetta currently listed for sale worldwide and the only 58' with upgraded IPS D-800hp motors. See below for some of her notable features and additional build options.

  • 3 Stateroom & 3 Head Layout. 
  • Sea Keeper 9
  • Larger D-800HP VOLVOs (NOT standard) 
  • Bow Thruster
  • BBQ Grill/ Wet Bar on Flybridge
  • Hydraulic Swim Platform (990lb Capacity)
  • Fourth Stateroom (Crew quarters fully fitted with own head/ shower / TV)


Seattle Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Denison Yachting. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a particular vessel Joystick Control
Price: $1,499,000
Boat Name: --
Make: Absolute
Year: 2018
Condition: Used
Category: Motor Yachts
Construction: Fiberglass
Length: 58 ft
Display Length: 58 ft
Beam: 16 ft
Max Draft: 4 ft
Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 634
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fresh Water Capacity (Gallons): 171
Max Speed: --
Displacement: --
Number of Engines: 2
Engine Make VOLVO IPS
Engine Model D-800hp
Engine Power 800.00 HP
City: Key Largo
State: Florida
Country: United States

Seattle Yachts provides access to thousands of boats and yachts available on the market today. These new and used yachts for sale around the world and on the MLS may or may not be listed with Seattle Yachts, however we have the expert team on staff to help you with the purchase of any brand or type of boat.

Joystick Control
  • Non skid flooring by Anchor for safety.
  • Bow Dinette with Custom back rest.  
  • Sofa -With quick drainage foam material.
  • Speakers & Radio.
  • Storage compartments for Fenders.
  • Anchor winch 20kg. Zinc plated Anchor with 246ft of chain. 
  • Anchor windlass and Chain Counter.
  • Self cleaning anchor chain locker with hatches. 
  • Stainless Steel Railings. 
  • Raised Gunnel with Solid Teak.
  • Storage compartments in side walkways.
  • Side walkways with custom lighting.
  • White Deck and Deckhouse. 
  • Windshield Wipers (3)
  • Custom Window Covers. (Black)
  • Fuel intake locations on both Stb & Port sided with Safety cover.
  • Loud Speakers with Remote control/ adjustment for surround sounds system connected to Radio in Flybridge. 
  • Storage for dock lines. 
  • Storage compartment under stairs to the Flybridge. 
  • Solid Teak Foor & steps. 
  • Custom lighting. 
  • Custom boarding ladder for Port/ Stb access.
  • Hot and Cold Shower.
  • Direct Water connection to shore.
  • Aft Cockpit Seating with Teak Table. 
  • U- Shape Dinette Table to Stb. 
  • BBQ grill ( Port side)
  • Wet Bar with sink, Fridge and stone work top with storage.
  • Non skid Decks ( white)
  • Life raft storage aft under seating.
  • Custom Lighting.
  • Flybridge hatchway railing and railing.
  •  Hard Top.
  • (2) 12'' Garmin Touch screen displays. 
  • Touch Screen Volvo EVC 7 
  • Volvo Package software.
  • Auto Pilot. 
  • VHF with DSC
  • Trim Tab Controls.
  • Anchor Windlass control with Chain Counter. 
  • Fusion Radio with iPad.
  • Loud Speakers.
  • Center line Helm with driving seat/ Flap. 
  • Dashboard Cover. 
  • Glass holders and glove compartment. 
  • Kohler Generator 23KW
  • 72,000 BTU Tropical Air Conditioning
  • White engine room.
  • Cable master (two- 50AMP-60HTZ)  with Remote.
  • Engine Room air intakes with Air/Water separator.
  • FM200 Fire fighting system with Automatic engine/ Generator stop.
  • Safety kit with smoke detection. 
  • Fuel Crossover connection (2)
  • Dual Racor fuel filter with sensor and acoustic signaling to Bridge. 
  • Electric bilge pumps
  • Battery Chargers for MAINS/GEN
  • Upgraded VOVLO D-800hp IPS drive diesel motors.
  • 4th Cabin -Crew with AC, 2 beds with Walnut wood Finish, locker, large window, Head/Shower. 
  • Stainless Steel Anchor. 
  • Bow thruster. 
  • BBQ Grill.
  • Lighting around walkway/deck and Bridge. 
  • (2) Underwater Lights. 
  • Electro- Hydraulic gangway. (Stern on Stb Side)
  • Sea Keeper 9 Stabilization
  • Electrical Sunshade in Hard Top covering aft Flybridge Deck Space. 
  • Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer. 
  • Safe in Master Stateroom.
  • Removable Handle for swim ladder Platform.
  • Sode Access boarding doors and custom ladder. 
  • Privacy Electrical sunshade on Cockpit.
  • Pearl Grey coverings for all Exterior seating, wet bar, sofa, Table on Flybridge. 
  • GPS Chart Plotter (2) 12" GARMINS located on Bridge.
  •  (2)16'' GARMINS in lower Helm.
  • Cameras in Engine Room & Cockpit. 
  • Hand Spray Shower on the Flybridge and Bow.
  • Teak Swim Platform.
  • Cockpit Table with cover and solid teak Chairs (4)
  • Hardtop with Custom Lighting. 
  • Comfort Driving Helm Seat. 
  • Stone color woven durmast Oak Galley, Stairs and Access room.
  • Stone woven Durmast Oak companionway Floor. 
  • (2) Ottomans 
  • Waterproof door for Direct Access to Engine Room from bathroom in Crew. 
  • SAT TV.
For more information on this yacht, please contact us.