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The Dehler 38 is a speedy, luxury cruiser for the owner who is a sailor at heart. Dehler's commitment to building the best sailboat possible is apparent through the small details that combine to make sailing easy and staying on board more comfortable that any resort you can dock at for the night. Dehler is one of the most well-known, highly respected brands in the industry. After 50 years of perfecting their craft, Dehler has delivered over 25,000 vessels worldwide. This experience and knowledge is used in the design and construction of every new Delher model and the results are phenomenal.

The Dehler 38 has been widely recognized as one of the top sailing cruisers in its class. It has received numerous accolades from the industry including 2014 European Yacht of the Year, as well as 2014 Boat of the Year from both Sailing World Magazine and Cruising World Magazine. Seattle Yachts is proud to be the official Dehler Yachts dealer for the west coast of the U.S. Contact one of our offices in Seattle, Anacortes, and San Diego for more information on model availability and how we can personally help you build your own new Dehler 38.

It takes only one step on to the Dehler 38 to understand that this is a special, thoughtfully designed sailing yacht. The attention to detail throughout is a result of years of tweaking and perfecting each model. Here are a few of the characteristics of the Dehler 38:

  • Maximized sail area and light-weight construction to increase speed
  • Full sandwich hull with durable and reliable materials
  • Hand-laid teak deck with vacuum-bonded wood
  • Outstanding safety features including the Dehler Carbon Cage
  • Easy sailing functionality
  • Best re-sale value in its class

The exterior of the Dehler 38 is clean, modern, and optimized for ease of movement. Dehler has a full cockpit with one-handed control so all sheets can be led directly to the helm via the integrated winches. The deck is clear and tidy with the rope guidance integrated into the deck and completely out of the way. Also in the cockpit, two wheels provide comfortable sailing with maximum control in every situation.

Great sailing is ultimate goal of every Dehler model and the comfort of those on board is the highest priority. For example, the German Mainsheet System is designed so that both ends of the mainsheet are taken to separate winches allowing it to be within immediate reach on each side of the cockpit.  The clean-cut design of the deck allows for all winches, cleats, and rollers to be placed in exactly the right area for optimal movement and convenience.

The interior of the Dehler 38 was created to make you feel at home while at sea. From the bright, airy feeling from the over-sized hatches and skylights to the beautiful wood and fabrics chosen, the Dehler 38 uses unique shapes and furniture to maximize space. Here are just a few of the interior features which make it unique:

  • The bar and television are both hidden. The flat-screen tv lowers into the cabinet behind the sofa while the pull-out bar has been integrated into the salon table.
  • The navigation table is movable so everything can be within reach including the on-board electrical equipment, radio, plotter, and more.
  • The cabin lighting can be dimmed so your inside ambiance can match your mood.
  • The salon table folds twice, extending fully for when more guests are on board.
  • Cookwear, flatwear, glasses, and other galley essentials are all cleverly stored in exactly the right place for sailing.

The Dehler 38 offers two interior layouts depending on what kind of accommodations you want. The standard layout has a large master cabin in the bow with an additional cabin aft near the transom, as well as a large storage room. Owners wanting an extra bed can opt to have that storage room converted into an extra cabin. The upholstery, materials, and colors can all be customized depending on your taste.

Length Overall: 38' 2
Length at Water Level: 34' 1
Beam: 12' 4
Max Draft: 5.3' - 7.5'
Displacement: 15,432 lbs. - 16,534 lbs.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 42.27 Gallons
Water Tank Capacity: 77.93 Gallons

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