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The Dehler 30 One Design is the newest model from Dehler and the excitement abounds. Described as a master of both worlds, easily switch from regatta mode to cruising mode in a few simple steps. Go from competing in the Baltic 500 to having a short, fun cruise with friends in this incredibly versatile racing cruiser. This is indeed a new trend that sets a remarkably high bar in this class of sailboats. From the Dehler Carbon Cage, the carbon mast, bowsprit and twin rudders, to the Dehler Stealth Drive, the 30 One Design is bursting with performance. Born to compete, yet built for comfort, this high-performance yacht strikes the perfect balance between speed, handling, and comfort.

Nominated for the 2019 British Yachting Award in the Racing Yacht/Sportboat category, this nomination recognizes the performance, attention to detail, and innovative product that Dehler once again achieves thanks to decades of experience. Seattle Yachts is proud to offer Dehler Yachts and the 30 One Design to all customers on the west coast of the U.S. Contact one of our locations for details in Seattle, Anacortes, and San Diego.

A thoughtfully designed package on the Dehler 30 OD leaves nothing to be desired with maximum speed, handling and the unmistakable Dehler performance. The high-composite build that uses on the very best materials allows the Dehler 30 One Design to be extremely durable without the weight of traditional sailboats. Regatta-ready, there is nothing stopping this boat from competing in races that are open only to category A yachts. The easy-to-trim monolithic carbon rig and its aluminium boom extend tothe maximum length allowed. And with its deck-stepped mast, there is no possibility of water leaking below. 

Dehler Stealth Drive is a concept that only comes forward when needed. With the Stealth Drive, Dehler pairs a small diesel engine with a retractable shaft that is controlled by a lever in the cockpit.  When folded, the shaft and prop tuck up inside the hull, hermetically sealed behind a cover. No water resistance and no chance that nets, seaweed, or other foreign objects could tangle the prop and slow you down. Since no stern gear is being hauled through the water when sailing, we can even spec a fixed propeller with higher efficiency than a folding prop. This is a true innovation that results in an amazing impact for the private owner.The Dehler 30 One Design might be best known for its speed and light weight, but it also has some exceptional exterior features. Here are a few of the notable ones:

  • Twin rudder and lead keel, a lateral plan that doesn't compromise
  • Cockpit stowage
  • Warm anti-slip in the cockpit 
  • External helm system for optimal control
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Sliding dodger with 3D window
  • Integrated bulkhead instruments
  • Bowsprit with bobstay

A 30' sailboat that aims to be a racing cruiser isn't going to have the amenities and comfort in below deck, right? Wrong! The Dehler 30 OD has exceptional living quarters for its class. Dehler engineers have maximized space so well that you will not believe the room you have to move around. Enjoy these features in the salon:

  • Fashionable mesh fabric lining the inner hull that's durable, stretchy, and comfortable.
  • GRP-glass bulkheads help with the generous volume by being light weight, yet strong.
  • The galley is versatile and well-equipped. There is also plenty of storage space.
  • A lightweight fabric screen folds out on flexible hinges to separate the heads from the saloon and create some privacy. Preserve your dignity even with a larger crew on long passages. The manual toilet is equipped with a blackwater tank and deck pump-out. Simple and clean.

As far as accommodations, the DEhler 30 One Design uses its space extremely well. Across the 30'+ hull there are 6 berths including a double berth for the crew in the forepeak and twin berths placed aft. The two benches in the salon can also be converted to sleeping bunks. There is also a separable head. A lightweight fabric screen folds out on flexible hinges to separate the heads from the salon and create some privacy. Preserve your dignity even with a larger crew on long passages. The manual toilet is equipped with a blackwater tank and deck pump-out. 

Length Overall: 33' 10
Length at Water Level: 29' 5
Beam: 10' 9
Max Draft: 7' 3
Displacement: 6,173 lbs.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.6 Gallons
Water Tank Capacity: 10.57 Gallons

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