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Bullfrog 15 Sport Utility Boat

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Bullfrog 15 Sport Utility Boat Details

The Bullfrog 15' Super Sport Utility Boat - one of the most rugged and durable utility boats ever produced! Totally unsinkable, this "Pickup Truck for the Sea" is a great dive boat, fishing boat, utility boat, or just fun boat for exploring. The Super Sport's 22-degree deep "V" Aluminum Hull gives you a soft dry ride, even in inclement weather conditions. The three compartment polyethylene tubes with flotation foam will never scratch your fiberglass yacht.

Through-hull colors are UV protected and they resist fading and scratches. The hull, transom and lifting eyes are welded marine grade aluminum making this a extremely durable and tough utility boat.

Length Overall: 17' (with motor)
Beam: 7' 4
Displacement: 1,300 lbs. (with motor)
Engine Make: Honda
Horsepower (each): 90HP
Fuel Tank Capacity: 25 gallons

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