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Used Fleming Yachts For Sale

We Know Trawler-Yachts - Particularly Fleming Yachts

At Seattle Yachts we know trawlers — the various brands, their histories, their characteristics, and their pros and cons. We know what works best with and on them, and we know what doesn’t. We know what to seek out and what to avoid. And perhaps, most important, we keep track of the market’s inventory of really solid values out there in used trawler-yachts, so that we can point you to one or several we know will meet your personal needs and requirements.



(Seattle Yachts provides access to thousands of boats and yachts available on the market today. These new and used yachts for sale around the world and on the MLS may or may not be listed with Seattle Yachts, however we have the expert team on staff to help you with the purchase of any brand or type of boat.)

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We Know Fleming Yachts

For example, members of our team at Seattle Yachts know the Fleming brand intimately, right from the time Tony Fleming first left American Marine Ltd. (Grand Banks™) in 1983 to begin building his own trademark trawlers, Fleming Yachts.

In those days, few anticipated the eventual popularity and success Tony would achieve with this purpose-built line. Today, reportedly more than 200 Fleming yachts ply the oceans of the world.

Long-considered the benchmark in mid-size trawler-yachts, Flemings have a reputation for being ruggedly built and stoutly outfitted and durably finished. Their relatively low profile keeps their vertical center or gravity (VCG) low — which, in turn, means they have generous stability and the ability to run offshore in the toughest weather conditions, yet stay “on their feet.” Generous tankage and efficient semi-displacement hull form, coupled with the MAN® and Cummings diesel main propulsion engines that Fleming commonly uses, all work to provide these yachts with excellent range at passagemaking speeds.

The interior layouts of standard Fleming models, from 55 to 78 feet overall, are comfortable and roomy, without any attempt to stuff a quart of contents into a pint container. Interior decoration and finishes are rich in wood and traditional overtones, with some of the later models displaying a distinctly “updated” motif.

The Bottom Line

The solid-laminate hulls of Fleming yachts are highly resistant to moisture permeation and tend, as well, to be more resistant to point-loading when blocked on the hard than some lighter-weight cored hulls. With additional reinforcing in areas of the hull such as the stem and bow sections, chines, stabilizer bases, and keel, Fleming’s claim to be among the most robust yachts on the market is more than marketing puffery. 

On Fleming yachts, lamination schedule below the waterline is significantly heavier than is common. Vinyl ester resins are used in the outer laminations to enhance resistance to moisture permeation. And five barrier-coats of epoxy were generally applied over the gel coat below the waterline to provide additional protection against osmotic blistering.

In later models, a stainless-steel shoe is used to protect the deep full-length keel that extends well below the yacht’s running gear and additionally provides directional stability and protection during accidental groundings.

Seaward Ho

Fleming yachts were originally built at the Tung Hwa yard just outside of Kaohsiung, Taiwan — and still are. Tung Hwa is a family-owned business that evolved through the years and now builds Fleming yachts exclusively. The result of this decades-long history is a tradition of first-rate construction. And combined with the attentive maintenance usually paid to these yachts by their owners, Flemings populate the used trawler-yacht market with some truly excellent values.

Our Seattle Yachts brokerage team keeps a regular watch for outstanding used Fleming trawler yachts that come onto the market. We check out the listings, sometimes investigate the background and history of select Fleming yachts, and even preview some of the strongest prospects in person.

Helping you find the “right” yacht to buy involves more than simply scrolling through the entries of a multiple listing service. It involves paying attention to and understanding your needs and requirements. It involves maintaining an intimate familiarity with the current market. It means caring about the best interests of each and every client with whom we deal. And that is what we do at Seattle Yachts.

Therefore, if you’ve been nurturing a desire to own Fleming — or a similar yacht of its type and category — call or email us with your requirements and let’s talk. You won’t be sorry you did.

With offices on both the west and east coasts of the U.S., we can often quickly and efficiently direct you to the best Fleming buys on the market and, in general, help you get into the yacht of your dreams, whether that is ultimately a used Fleming or another industry classic.


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