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One of the more interesting yacht brands to come along in a long time are the commuter-style yachts from Axopar Yachts of Helsinki, Finland. Now one of the top 10 boat manufacturers in Europe, the Axopar story began with the introduction of the Axopar 28 at the Helsinki Boat Show in 2014. Five years and several thousand boats later, the company is the largest boat builder in the Nordic countries, with five offices in Europe and two manufacturing plants in Poland.


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What made the Axopar 28 Cabin such a success was its multi-role design to offer high performance, great seaworthiness, and efficient running in one cool-looking, affordable package. Not catering to the traditional, long distance liveaboard community, the boats are designed and built to be superb day boats that can fulfill a variety of roles to take a family on the water for adventure, whether transporting mountain bikes to remote islands, relaxing in a quiet anchorage for a lunch at anchor, or paddling SUPs to pristine coves for hours of relaxing enjoyment in a natural environment. The accommodations and layout of the original 28-foot model provided just enough comfort and convenience for friends and family members to feel at ease and satisfied while out on a day of boating adventure.

The Axopar design is heavily influenced by the technology and evolution of the modern RIB dinghy, which feature strength, great seaworthiness, yet are lightweight structures that hold up to rugged use. Hard chines, multiple steps in the hull, and strong lightweight construction make the low freeboard Axopar a winning combination that does more with less. The boats transition from slow to planing speeds without the fuss and drama of traditional deep-V hull forms. The overall high performance is offset with lower operating fuel costs, while retaining the thrill of operating fast and responsive boats. All models in the Axopar line feature these baseline properties that make any Axopar a refreshing and unique alternative among today’s boating choices. 

In addition, the company partners with BRABUS Marine to further develop the Axopar line into an “ultra-exclusive, supremely exciting” luxury category. This is much like the Mercedes Benz partnership with AMG to offer a high-performance luxury car experience second to none. BRABUS Marine makes the boats suitable tenders and day boats for the super yacht industry as well as other luxury applications, such as premier island resorts. 

There are currently five Axopar hull models, from 22 feet up to 45 feet. Each is available as an open boat, or with one of several variations of a T-top, and different layouts of cabin models (with one or two staterooms) to satisfy the needs of the most demanding boater. With the latest models, especially, every effort is made to only include those features and equipment needed for basic enjoyment, rather than installing all the electronics and accessories that may not fit the needs of a particular buyer. This not only creates a more tailored boat for each owner but keeps the cost down to only what is desired when the boat is ordered. This process ensures that all the boats best fit the needs of the people pursuing the Axopar lifestyle.

By keeping a low freeboard and eliminating unnecessary internal backbone structures in the hull, the mating deck structure provides all the engineered strength necessary. This includes high performance characteristics even in the rough water conditions that would keep most other boats in the harbor. Axopars are known for their rough water capability, a combination of the construction, narrow bow that splits the waves rather than tries to ride over them, and long waterline length that extends the hull as much as possible to soften the seas. Given its designed low center of gravity, all Axopar boats benefit from form stability. The additional use of stabilizing systems, such as the SeaKeeper, is not required on an Axopar, even if commonly found on other boats of similar size. This is especially true for flybridge yachts that have a much higher center of gravity.

The standard and optional outboard power supplied on each Axopar is carefully chosen to offer the best performance, most efficiency, and economy. The company works closely with Mercury to integrate the latest technology into each new model. Engine options offer a good balance of running and efficiency. From one, two, or three outboard engines, one can expect stellar underway operation on each model of the Axopar lineup.

From the basic speedster commuter versions perfect to reach that island getaway in record time, to the well-appointed accommodations on the cross cabins, where families can stretch out and relax, there is a configuration that can work for most boating purposes. On the larger models, such as the 37-foot XC Cross Cabin, gull-wing doors open the interior space to the outside providing a versatile living area that can be as open or as protected as the weather and mood allow. Ventilation is never an issue.

With more than 100 dealers in 50 countries, the versatility of the Axopar easily accommodates different cruising areas. Where these boats are sold in colder, northern climates, a diesel-fired furnace keeps things toasty. In sun-drenched beach anchorages where it is all about being in the water and sand, ventilation is superb. The Axopar excels at both.

According to Jan-Erik Viitala, founding partner of the brand, the 37-footer is the company’s sweet spot, as it can provide the widest range of comfort and versatility for carrying bikes, kayaks, and SUPs while providing the accommodations necessary for families on holiday. 

The adaptability of the initial 28 Cabin model proved the adventure boating concept of the Axopar design, and all subsequent models have built on that basic premise of seaworthiness, performance, efficiency, and affordability. For those looking for a do-it-all boat to spend days living one adventure after another, the Axopar may be the right boat to take you there.

The cool, futuristic profile, the exhilarating driving experience, and the incredible value of each model has proven attractive to a growing segment of people coming into boating for exploring and living their own adventure, on land and sea.

It is all part of the Axopar DNA—Live Your Adventure, Beyond the Horizon.


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