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Northwest Yachts

Designed specifically to handle any ocean environment, Northwest Yachts was born out of the need for a trawler-style motor yacht that could handle the seas of the Pacific Northwest and still provide the extra level of comfort needed for extended adventures. Designed to put you in charge of the journey, Northwest Yachts are engineered with cutting-edge construction methods and powered by some serious propulsion systems that reach top speeds of 18 to 20 knots. The Northwest 48 and 52 come standard with twin John Deere 6068 that are 330HP each while the larger models, the 63, 70, and 75, offer a choice between twin John Deere 6135 750hp engines or the MAN 1,000hp engines. The standard engines for each Northwest models were chosen specifically to give each boat the right efficiency to perform at maximum range at displacement speeds while keeping some reserve power available when needed by the captain.


Northwest Yachts LISTINGS

Quick Facts about Northwest Yachts

  • Northwest Yachts buids trawler-style, long-dstance cruising boats.
  • Northwest Yachts was started by Peter and Jan Whiting.
  • Northwest models are designed by Steve Seaton.
  • The largest Northwest model offered is a 75-footer.

Northwest Yachts VIDEOS

Northwest Yachts are designed by Steve Seaton, a 40-year veteran who is responsible for over 400 different yacht builds, many of which are long-range cruisers. The hard-chined, semi-displacement hulls provide exceptional stability while both at cruise or at anchor. The keels on all of the Northwest models are long and wide which result in outstanding directional stability and a lot of headroom within the engine compartments.  The experience with buying a Northwest Yacht doesn’t stop there, however. With every new boat purchase, the delivery process exceeds all expectations as a representative from Northwest Yachts will conduct a comprehensive training program to insure that the new captain is familiar with how to handle their new yacht, including all systems operations and what maintenance the new owner can expect in the future. Contact your Seattle Yacht Sales Professional today to schedule your personal tour of your favorite Northwest Yacht.

If you have an interest in Northwest, we also recommend you read our guide to Buying and Owning A Trawler Yacht. It's quite extensive and really offers several tips on the buying process and ownership experience.

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