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Hanse Yachts has quickly become one of the most sought after luxury sailboat manufacturers in the world. Built in Germany since 1990, Hanse Yachts is part of the larger shipbuilder group, Hanse Group, which also includes major brands such as Dehler, Moody, and Varianta. Known for their high performance and numerous design awards, Hanse is always on the forefront of innovation. From 31 to 67-feet, there is a Hanse Sailing Yacht for every level of experience.

It was for these reasons that Seattle Yachts was thrilled to become the exclusive Hanse dealer for the entire west coast of the U.S. Our expertise in the cruising yacht and sailboat markets allows us to find you the right Hanse model for your needs. Contact one of our Seattle Yachts locations today in Seattle, Anacortes, or San Diego to be connected to one of our yacht sales professionals.


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Quick Facts about Hanse Yachts

  • Hanse Yachts was founded in 1990 by Michael Schmidt in Greifswald, Germany.
  • Today, Hanse Yachts is owned by a group called Aurelius AG which purchased a majorty stake in 2011.
  • The Hanse factory is located in Greifswald, Germany by the Baltic Sea.
  • Nearly 9,000 Hanse Yachts have been built, sold, and delivered.
  • The largest Hanse Yacht built today is the 588. The smallest is the Hanse 315.

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Hanse Yachts actually began as an old shipyard in Greifswald, a centuries old city in northeastern Germany that has roots as an important boatbuilding city in the 1800's. A new yard was built in 1990, now the modern facility where Hanse sailboats are built, but kept ties to the old Greifswald traditions. Many of the craftsmen and skilled workers there today are part of families who have generationally been employed at Greifswald. The very first Hanse to be built was the 291 which set the foundation for the successful future Hanse would see.

Judel/vrolijk and Company are the designers for Hanse Yachts. Known as some of the most influential naval architects in the sailing yacht industry, Judel/vrolijk and Co. have roots in racing. As chief designers for the America's Cup team Alinghi, they played a major role in helping a European vessel win the most prestigious sailing trophy for the first time ever. Every design they begin is a product of a 15 member Think Tank that collectively create new models using the most cutting-edge technology.

Hanse Yachts are no stranger to winning awards either. With their innovative design approach, these sailing yachts offer owners exceptional performance. Hanse Yachts create advantages for beating upwind and gliding downwind for an enjoyable cruise.

Customization is also very important to the manufacturer as they view every new sailboat as a personal expression of the owner's passion for sailing. There is an impressive selection of layouts, colors, wood, fabrics, and more that owners can choose to create their personalized vessel. Choose from multiple cabin layouts, optional equipment, furniture, and more when you go through the build process with a Seattle Yachts Sales Professional.

The Hanse 508 was also recently nominated as a finalist for the British Yachting Awards 2019 in the category for "Cruising Yacht of the Year." The Hanse Group won the 'Boat Builder of the Year' award in 2018 and the Hanse 348 was given the "Best Value Award 2019" by Cruising World Magazine. The quality construction, performance, and comfort on every Hanse has not gone unnoticed and is a major reason for the Hanse Group's growth over the last decade. SAIL Magazine even has the Hanse 675 up for the "Best Boat" award in 2020 for monohull sailboats.

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