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Seattle Yachts is your Hampton and Endurance Yachts dealer for all of North America. We have dealership locations that sell Endurance Yachts in Florida, Maryland, California, and the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Yachts sell more Hampton and Endurance Yachts than anyone in the world.


Hampton’s Endurance line is focused on meeting the requirements for long-distance cruising in luxury, comfort, and safety. These mission-specific yachts are designed by noted naval architect, Howard Apollonio, an acknowledged expert in producing highly performance-efficient hull forms. 

The Endurance family of hulls utilizes a hybrid form that delivers the fuel economy and seakeeping ability of a full displacement hull for longer, open water passages, along with the potential for the higher speeds of a semi-planing form for alongshore travel and island hopping.


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Quick Facts about Endurance Yachts

  • Endurance Yachts are designed and built by the Hampton Yachts shipyard.
  • Hampton Yachts was first founded by C.Y. Chen in 1965.
  • The shipyard that builds Hampton Yachts has launched more than 2,000 boats.
  • Hampton Yachts are built in China and designed by Howard Apollonio.
  • Today, Hampton Yachts are still owned by the Chen Family.
  • Jeff Chen is the Managing Director of Hampton Yachts.
  • There are 7 Endurance models built today from 63 to 75-feet.

Endurance Yachts VIDEOS

Extensively tow-tank tested, Endurance hulls achieve unparalleled all-around performance for yachts of their size and type. And further refined by extensive real-world trials, Endurance yacht have proven themselves in delivering a unique blend of displacement and early-planing performance.

The Endurance Hybrid hull form is derived by eliminating the forward part of the chine. Then, reshaping that part of the hull to embody the best of characteristics of high-performance displacement hulls. Which significantly reduces resistance in the pre-planing speed range, typically 12-20 knots. The hull’s remaining chines aft work to reduce squat and aft trim and enable Endurance yachts it to run exceptionally well at early planing speeds. At the same time, the Endurance’s proprietary hull form matches or exceeds the fuel economy of full-displacement hulls when operated at the same speeds.

But the Endurance story involves much more than just the standout performance of the hybrid hull form. Beyond the hull form, these yachts incorporate construction features that yield strength, durability, and longevity - features like solid FRP laminate right from   keel to the main weather deck, with fully-bonded longitudinal and transverse top-hat stiffeners; the inclusion of several layers of strategically placed Kevlar (aramid) fabric reinforcing for enhanced puncture and collision resistance; and generous use of vinylester resins in their hull skins, both inside and out, for better wet-out and superior bonding of the protective Kevlar layers and for higher resistance to water permeation and potential osmotic blistering.

Endurance hull sides are solid laminate above the waterline and composed of a minimum 5 layers Knytex (or Cymax) glass reinforcing. Unlike many other yachts, Endurances are not cored below the rail, but are solid laminate all the way down from the toe rail to the bottom of the keel. And the Endurance hull/deck joint is through-bolted every 6" and sealed with 3M 5200 polyurethane adhesive, then glassed over with 3 layers of fiberglass. 

Endurance decks and superstructures are cored with high strength Core-Cell Foam. And the saloon sole over the engine room is fitted with an additional six inches thick sound-attenuating materials for the ultimate in quiet operation. 

All tanks aboard an Endurance yacht are molded in fiberglass laminate using Vinylester resin. Then a food-grade resin is applied to all interior surfaces of the potable water tanks, and a fire-retardant mixture is applied to all fuel tank exterior surfaces to improve their flame resistance. All tanks are then pressure tested to ensure quality.

From their carefully thought-out deck and equipment layouts to their skillfully engineered propulsion packages, Endurance yachts are built to go to sea. Critical safety features are never overlooked.  In all Endurance yachts, you find watertight anti-collision bulkheads, multiple escape hatches, fire detection and suppression systems, a custom ship's monitoring system, and twin anchors rigged with 300 feet of all-chain rode running over link-matched hydraulic windlasses.

The structure and drive trains of Endurance yachts are specifically engineered to reduce vibration and sound levels in their living areas to a practical minimum, with tight machining tolerances and liberal use of sound- and vibration-attenuation. SeaTorque® anti-vibration fully encased shaft systems are employed to further isolate engine, shafting, and propeller vibration from an Endurance’s hull structure, thereby reducing the potential for transmission to the accommodations areas of the vessel. The result is a level of livability equal to or exceeding that of most world-class luxury motor yachts priced well above the Endurance line. 

Reliability and engineered redundancy are also trademark characteristics of Endurance yachts. Each Endurance is fitted with backups for pumps and other key system components, including dual Racor in-line fuel filters, twin-PTO's to support the yacht’s hydraulic system, twin generators, multiple freshwater pumps, dual A/C compressors, a back-up macerator pump, and dual 75-foot CableMaster automatic electric shore cable reels.

And because a key component of reliability and independence in remote cruising areas is repairability, all wiring, mechanical systems, through hulls. and pumps are well organized and meticulously labeled. Each Endurance comes with a detailed, vessel-specific Owner's Manual detailing the layout of the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as the model designations and serial numbers of all major components, organized on a quick-access, single page format.

A significant degree of customization is available in Endurance yachts because we build them entirely in our own factories with our own in-house craftsman. We are, therefore, able to tailor your Endurance yacht to your specific needs, tastes and requirements, at very reasonable added cost, if any. We can customize any aspect of your new yacht, including interior layout right down to the materials and finishes on walls and floors. Your Hampton Yachts representative will help you choose the Endurance Yacht that best meets your needs and will work with you to select the options you want included.

Always keep in mind that like members of the Hampton team, the members of the Endurance team see their mission as involving more than just building and delivering the yacht itself. For our Endurance Team, the primary objective is to take care of our owners and their boats. 

Which means you can enjoy safe and worry-free boating through our comprehensive training program and ongoing maintenance and service support.

When you take delivery of a new Endurance yacht, we take as much time as you need to become comfortable and confident with your new boat. This VIP Owner's experience includes a complete run down of all your boat's systems including their operation and basic maintenance, and a day of on-the-water orientation when we practice, under the watchful eye of an experienced, licensed captain, docking, picking up moorings, and otherwise maneuvering your new yacht in tight places

Seattle Yachts is proud to be the official dealer for both the Endurance Yachts model line and the Hampton Motor Yacht models on the East Coast. Our team has years of experience helping clients purchase the right Endurance Yacht for their needs or listing and selling their existing one. If you have any questions about Hampton Yachts or the Endurance model line, please call our Seattle Yachts Fort Lauderdale team at (954) 797-0030 or come by our office right on 17th Street.

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